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Gift Guide 2019: Gifts for Car Enthusiasts
Do you need to get a gift for a car enthusiast? Where do you even begin? You probably can't afford the turbocharger they're drooling over and where...

What Does Battery Sulfation Mean?
You try to turn on your vehicle and you heard the dreaded click, click, click sound of a dead battery. A build-up of sulfation has killed your battery, but what is sulfation and how does it hurt your battery?

Road to SEMA Influencer Introduction: The American Muscle Car Museum
MELBOURNE, FL The American Muscle Car Museum is a 501 c3 Non-Profit Private Car Museum in Melbourne, FL. The museum has three main purposes. First,...

CTEK chargers have a patented desulphation function that can extend the battery's life by 2-3 times its normal life. Depending on the charger, there are 4 to 8 steps that it takes while charging the battery. Regardless of the charger, your battery will be reconditioned, maintained, and charged. Let CTEK help you get the most of your battery with our full line of smart chargers.

How to Properly Store Your Vehicle's Battery
When using a CTEK Smart Charger for your stored battery or vehicle, you can relax knowing that the battery is being taken care of and it will be ready when you need it. Take care of your battery and it will take care of you!

A Smarter Charger is NOT a Trickle Charger
People often confuse trickle chargers with Smarter Chargers. There are some very important differences that you should be aware of. Let CTEK help you figure out the difference!