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Trickle Chargers are NOT Smart Chargers

Trickle chargers / trickle charger / trickle charge are not smarter chargers

Sometimes we hear our CTEK Smarter Chargers referred to as trickle chargers/trickle charge/trickle charger. As much as we appreciate being thought of, our chargers are not trickle chargers/trickle charger/trickle charge.


What is a Trickle Charger/Trickle Charge/Trickle Chargers?

A trickle charger/trickle chargers/trickle charge is basically a battery charger that uses a very low amperage (1-3A) to charge the battery. That is the common thought of what a trickle charger is, however, there is a little more to it than that. Many battery chargers have a selection that allows you to choose the amount of amperage you need. This allows you to charge a battery quickly or slowly, as is needed. Some trickle chargers/trickle charger/trickle charge also allow you to connect the battery for a long time without overcharging it.

What makes any charger a trickle charger/trickle chargers/trickle charge is that it will either offer a low amperage selection or it only puts out a low charging amperage. This amperage is usually between 1 and 3 amps.


What is a Smarter Charger?

A Smarter Charger uses sophisticated electronics to charge, condition, and maintain the battery. A CTEK Smarter Charger maximizes the life of the battery, extending the life 2-3 times of its normal lifespan.

Through a series of 4 to 8 steps, a CTEK Smarter Charger maintains the battery in prime condition. By constantly monitoring the battery, the charger is able to understand the battery's condition and implement the correct step: disulphate, revive, charge, condition, and maintain. CTEK Smarter Chargers are also able to regulate the main voltage, protecting sensitive and expensive electronics throughout the vehicle. A backup power supply is incorporated into the Smarter Charger, allowing you to charge the battery, without losing any program settings in the vehicle.


Don't Confuse a Trickle Charger/Trickle Chargers/Trickle Charge with a Smarter Charger

Although there are some similarities between trickle chargers/trickle charger/trickle charge and CTEK Smarter Chargers, the differences are many and vast. In some instances, a trickle charger/trickle chargers/trickle charge won't give you the results you are looking for, whereas a Smarter Charger will not only charge your battery but keep it strong and healthy.

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