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Interstate Batteries

Enjoying a reputation for top-quality products, business innovations, and consistently reliable service, Interstate Batteries is the No. 1 replacement brand battery in North America. Now over a billion dollar, privately-held corporation, our enterprise continues to thrive on our innovation as well as our good old-fashioned business principles.

all battery sales and service

Our story started in 1979 when two brothers started an Interstate Battery Distributorship in Western Washington. The fledgling company had its warehouse in a garage and its accounting office was in one of their kitchens. Their father was pressed into service to help with deliveries and offer much needed paternal advice. The business rapidly outgrew The Allen’s garage and kitchen because the boys knew that truly believing in and delivering great customer service was the key to success and the key to feeling good about the job they did each day. This service, and the long hours and work ethic that it required, built a business that became the #1 Interstate Battery Distributorship in North America. They are still at the helm of All Battery Sales and Service today. The company has now grown to serve all of Northwest Washington State and has a workforce of over 100 enthusiastic people. The values that the brothers started the company in 1979 are still the bedrock of our belief in making a difference to our customers.


Lordco Auto Parts

With over 100 stores throughout the province, Lordco is your best bet for fast, reliable, helpful and knowledgeable advice. We pride ourselves on FAST delivery of the RIGHT parts; When it comes to auto body needs, automotive equipment, high-performance parts, RV or industrial goods, Lordco will have what you need.