Glossary –
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Sulphated battery: A battery with Gook, which we call a ‘sulphated battery’, cannot accept charges due to the Gook. CTEK chargers clean the Gook out.

Desulphation: You need to remove the ‘Battery Gook’ from your batteries to accept the new charge. That’s called ‘Desulphation’ and that’s what CTEK does.

Reconditioning: Reconditioning changes the Battery Mixture to maintain the charge in extreme weather and prepares the battery to be charged for 100% performance.

Variable Modes: Use it for your Car, Boat, Motorcycle or use it for a variety of other vehicles.

Defined as faulty: Battery is dead and cannot be charged.

Linear charging: Typical chargers are not smart enough to charge a battery back to its full potential.

Charge Curve: CTEK smarter chargers charge the battery differently at times to achieve optimal battery life.