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Charge Your Car Day

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Charge Your Car Day is an event to celebrate the humble car battery and all it does for us, and to remind people to charge it! It’s easy to forget how much hard work your battery has to do to keep your car running, so Charge Your Car Day is here to remind us all that we’ve really got to look after it.

Get Moving, Stay Moving, Keep Charging!

Charge Your Car Day is an event to celebrate the humble car battery and all it does for us, and to remind people to charge it!

It’s easy to forget how much hard work your battery has to do to keep your car running, so Charge Your Car Day is here to remind us all that we’ve really got to look after it.

Your car battery has been a steadfast companion, transporting you from place to place without fail. Your battery plays numerous vital roles in your car's functionality. It's time to show your appreciation for its hard work, and what better way to say "thank you" than by giving it a much needed charge! With a battery charger at your disposal, you can revitalize your battery, providing it with the boost it needs to keep you moving for extended periods. Say goodbye to worries and embrace a journey with uninterrupted momentum!

Is Your Car In Danger Of Breakdown?

According to recent research, a concerning fact has come to light - nearly half of the vehicle batteries currently in use are not performing up to their potential. Surprisingly, this isn't necessarily due to faulty batteries; it's often a result of insufficient charging. The repercussions are evident, as battery failure is responsible for a significant 30% of all breakdowns in the US. According to driver assistance company Agero, there are 69 million breakdowns in the United States every year. That’s equivalent to one in every three drivers. A major contributing factor is the depletion or flatness of batteries.


Your Car Battery Deserves Some Praise!

The battery is an unsung hero in your car. It helps you start your vehicle and powers the electrical system in your car. You should never hesitate to show some appreciation to a component that serves you every day - that's what battery chargers are there for - to help you say 'Thank You' to your car battery!

Wondering Why You Should Charge Your Car Battery Regularly? Here Are Three Top Reasons:

Better battery health: 

Better battery health - battery clamps connected to a car battery

Similar to the human body, your car battery requires a regular supply of energy to function seamlessly. Whenever you start your car, its systems draw power from the battery, gradually depleting its energy. Regular charging is vital to ensure your battery stays alive and enables you to reach your destination without any hindrance. Every time you take the initiative to charge your car battery, you're enhancing its performance and providing it with the energy it craves for smooth operation.


Driving Experience: 

Driving Experience - picture of a couple driving a car

Did you know it’s possible to improve the overall performance of your car by charging the battery regularly? It occurs because the vehicle is trying to protect the undercharged battery, which is often accomplished by shutting down unnecessary systems, such as the radio, air conditioner, or start/stop. It affects the car's performance and your driving experience.


Peace of Mind: 

Peace of Mind - picture of a woman reaching out from a open car window

In a world where numerous factors loom to disrupt your day and dampen your spirits, finding peace in the knowledge that a dead battery won't be one of them is truly comforting. With a fully charged battery, you can embark on your journeys from point A to B without any concerns. Whether you're heading to the office or spending time with loved ones, you can drive confidently, free from the worry of getting stranded on the roadside and having to seek assistance.



Take Care Of The Battery That Takes Care Of You!

Though your car battery might be out of sight, it should never be out of mind. Your vehicle's well-being relies on you to maintain its battery in excellent condition. It has faithfully supported you, ensuring smooth travels without any hassles. It's time to reciprocate this gesture by charging it properly and giving it the care, it deserves.

Stay On Track With Your Plans!

Drained batteries can be a real source of frustration, disrupting your day. But fear not! By giving your car battery some tender loving care (TLC), you can avoid such mishaps. With the help of a reliable CTEK charger, you'll have all you need to keep your battery in peak condition, ensuring your day unfolds just as you've planned!

Charging Your Battery Has Never Been Easier: One great feature of CTEK chargers is their easy and thoughtful care of your battery, ensuring you can depend on it when you need it the most.

CTEK chargers offer the best value for our customers: When it comes to finding the finest car battery charger available, look no further than CTEK chargers! Renowned worldwide for their exceptional performance and reliability, they have earned a sterling reputation. In fact, their remarkable attributes have even led to collaborations with 40 of the world's biggest and most prestigious car manufacturers, who trust CTEK to produce branded chargers.

Experience the abundance of benefits with absolutely zero worries!

Every CTEK charger is thoughtfully crafted with simplicity, ensuring you can use them effortlessly without requiring any specialized knowledge. Safety is a top priority in their design, so you can rest assured knowing your charging experience will be secure and reliable, time after time. Moreover, the sturdy build quality guarantees long-term value for your investment, making CTEK chargers the ultimate choice for worry-free charging. With CTEK, our mission is to solve your charging problems by manufacturing high-quality, reliable products. Our chargers address your battery's recovery, charging, and maintenance needs.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, our chargers let you get on the road whenever you want and go wherever you want, safely and efficiently.

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