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Charge Your Car Day

CTEK Charge Your Car Day 2021

You Need a Hug Every Once In a While ... Did You Ever Think That Your Car Does, Too?

There has never been a time in recent history that we've needed the freedom driving affords us. All of us are READY TO GO. We need to get on the road to travel so we can enjoy that freedom where and when we want. For Charge Your Car Day 2021, CTEK wants to celebrate freedom and pay homage to the thing that makes it all possible: your car battery. It's the centerpiece of every car, even if we don't think about it enough! It's the reason you can get out and enjoy that freedom, and we need to give credit where credit is due.

So, from this date forward, let’s make sure our vehicle batteries are charged and READY TO GO!

Charge your car day 2021

Don't forget to charge and maintain your battery on Charge Your Car DayDon't Let Anything Come Between You and Your Next Drive  

For Charge Your Car Day 2021, we are focusing on the fundamentals of battery charging and maintenance.

We encourage you to get READY TO GO by using Charge Your Car Day to learn (and put into practice) smart routines to keep your battery working so you can get out and drive.

If you charge and maintain your vehicle batteries you can:

  • extend your battery's life threefold
  • give yourself peace of mind
  • save money
  • protect the drivers and passengers in your family

If you don't charge and maintain your battery you can expect:

  • your vehicle's electronics to be compromised
  • to have your battery fail at inopportune times
  • to have to spend additional money on repairs and battery replacement


Your battery is the life of your car

Charge Your Car with your CTEK Battery Charger and MaintainerCar Battery Knowledge 


Why charge?

It's not hard to forget how much work your battery is doing for your vehicle. In the video above we take a look at the demands on your battery that change constantly as vehicle technology changes. We also discuss why it’s important to regularly charge your vehicle battery and what happens if you don’t charge!


Lithium VS Lead acid

Lithium batteries require a different process of charging compared to lead acid batteries. In the video above,Tony will explain why, and teach you how to care for your lithium batteries, to maximize performance and extend your lithium battery's life.