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CTEK’s advice for worry free motoring

CTEK Winter charging tips

CTEK, the leading global brand in vehicle charging solutions, has some great advice on how to keep your battery healthy, so that you can enjoy worry free motoring this winter.

When the temperature drops, your battery needs to work harder, and your alternator might only be charging it up to around 60% of its capacity. Not only can this result in your battery underperforming, it could also lead to an expensive breakdown.

And this, says Gary Brown, Global Director for Aftermarket at CTEK, makes it essential to have a reliable and efficient battery charger, particularly during the winter months.

“This is especially important because the summer heat might have put a strain on your battery, that may not become apparent until the colder weather kicks in, when you’ll need more power to get the vehicle started. However, not only will regular charging keep your battery in the best of health, making breakdown less likely, it can also save you money by extending battery life by up to three times, so it really is the smart choice for worry free winter motoring.”, says Gary Brown.

The CTEK CT5 TIME TO GO, can be the solution to maintain your battery health during these cold months. It has an automatic built-in temperature control, making it perfect for winter-charging, and is so easy to use – connect it, power it up and select the battery mode, either the ‘normal’ 12V or AGM, then the charger will do the job. The display lets you know when your battery is going to be fully charged, and even when the battery is powered enough to safely start your car.

But then again, if you do find yourself in a situation where you are far away from a power source with a flat battery, the CTEK CS FREE can help you. It is a multi-functional portable 4 in 1 battery charger, adaptive booster and high-tech power bank, an essential device for your journeys.

With the CS FREE, you are able to safely charge your battery and be good to go in about 15 minutes. CTEK uses revolutionary ‘adaptive boost technology’, which gives you a smooth and safe charging without any damage to the battery. Unlike most boosters or jump starters, that deliver intense bursts of power to shock the battery into life. The CS FREE also has USB-A and USB-B ports to charge your mobile phone, PC, tablet and other devices, and it can be used as a smart maintainer via a power outlet, solar panel or 12V service battery to keep your battery in the best of health.