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CTEK supplies battery chargers to some of the most prestigious automotive and power sport manufacturers in the world.

“Having owned several of another ‘popular’ brand of charger, the CTEK is far and above superior in every possible category. WELL worth the miniscule additional cost. ”


See Why CTEK is a Smarter Battery Charger

Using a unique charge algorithm, CTEK Smarter Battery Chargers go through 8 steps to constantly read and communicate with your battery, charging only to its direct needs and therefore avoiding any possibility of incorrectly charging the battery. Furthermore, by ensuring the battery is conditioned as well as charged, your batteries last significantly longer. Moreover, each CTEK Smart Battery Charger regulates mains voltage to protect any sensitive electrical and hi-fi equipment. Now that's smart! See the visual demo of CTEK's world renowned 8-step charging process.

See visual demo of the 8-step smarter charging process

What Is Adaptive Boost?

CTEK’s revolutionary Adaptive Boost technology analyzes a battery to give it the correct power it needs to safely and quickly charge your battery in approximately 15 minutes while protecting sensitive vehicle tech.

Learn more about how CTEK’s CS FREE uses Adaptive Boost to give you power to go wherever you are.