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CS FREE Portable Battery Charging with Adaptive Boost now available in North America

World’s First Portable Charger with Adaptive Boost

CS FREE is four unique products in one. It is a groundbreaking, portable battery charger and maintainer, adaptive booster, and hi-tech power bank.

In simple terms, the CS FREE is a 12V power bank for your vehicle's battery. CS FREE chargers and maintains lead-acid batteries as well as lithium (12V LiFePO4) batteries. It also has Adaptive Boost. Adaptive Boost allows you to revive your dead battery quickly. It starts your battery in the safest manner possible for your battery and your vehicle without needing to be plugged in to a power outlet.

That’s not all the CS FREE will do. The CS FREE keeps your tech up and running wherever you are. Charge phones, laptops, cameras, and more. One device for all your charging needs and you can use it anywhere. CTEK offers convenient accessories to enable charging via solar panel or a 12V service battery.

Get Going Fast

If you have a dead battery the CS FREE can come to the rescue with Adaptive Boost. It can bring your battery back to life safely in 15 minutes.

A Charge That Lasts

Once the internal battery is charged, the CS FREE will remain charged for as long as a YEAR and be ready when you need it. It also serves as a hi-tech power bank. The USB-C connectivity allows you to recharge your CS FREE in an hour, it’s easy to keep it at the ready for when you need it.

No Power Outlet? No Problem!

The CS Free can charge your battery or maintain it for long periods of time as well. Cars, motorcycles, boats … any 12V battery can be charged and maintained by your CS FREE. CTEK offers a wide range of accessories to allow charging with a solar panel or 12V service battery to be flexible so you can use it as you need it and where you need it.


CS Free accessories


If you have a separate 12V service battery you are able to attach the USB-C charging clamps to charge or maintain the battery and there is no need to connect to a power outlet.


The CTEK Solar Panel pairs perfectly with the CS FREE, you can charge your battery via a solar panel and use it wherever you are.
The solar panel is portable, easy to transport and set up, providing reliable solar power when and where you need it. 
CS Free Accessories


The inside is padded and the exterior is tough, durable 600D water-resistant nylon. The CS FREE Bag gives you the practical storage you need with protection for your CS FREE.


Use the 12V accessory socket in your vehicle to quickly recharge your CS Free via the USBC-C charging cable. It only takes about one hour.


There is a unique locking function on the CS FREE Wall Mount that allows you to store your CS FREE Charger while neatly managing your cables. It gives you easy access through practical storage.

Portable charging & Adaptive Boosting you can take with you. The CS FREE is a fully portable 12V Power bank for your vehicle.

8 points about the CS FREE Portable Battery Charger with Adaptive Boost

Don’t Worry About Dead Batteries Any Longer

Maybe you don’t drive your vehicle daily, or you have a car, motorcycle or boat that you only occasionally take out from time to time. Is your vehicle in storage for seasons during the year? When you bring it out of storage you might have a dead battery. How do you revive that dead battery?

There is nothing worse than the idea of a loved one on the side of the road with a dead battery, or a family member stuck in a parking lot unable to start their car due to a dead battery. In the past, you were stranded until you or your loved one could get help. How could you help them? With a regular battery charger you would need to be near a power outlet to safely charge or maintain your battery. Not any more.

The CS FREE means FREEDOM from Worry

Wherever you are, whatever the situation, the CS FREE will be within reach. Bring your battery back to life using our unique Adaptive Boost technology. It is safe for your vehicle, the battery, and anyone using it. It will have you back on the road within 15 minutes.

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