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Aaron Hagar Trusts CTEK To Protect Treasured Motorcycle
For Aaron Hagar, of Rat Runners Garage, the family history of his 1975 Norton 850 Commando motorcycle makes it extra special, so he trusts its care...

Supporting Our Communities to Help Fight COVID-19
Here at CTEK we have been amazed, but not surprised, at the response from our staff, customers, and local people in the communities in which we ...

Battery Maintenance for Beginners | You Can and Should Charge Your Vehicle Battery
Battery maintenance has long been a struggle for vehicle owners. Many times, owners don't know their battery needs some TLC before it's too late.

Make Mom's Life Easier With a CTEK Charger
This Mother’s Day, take worrying about her car battery off Mom’s plate. CTEK’s Time to Go battery charger ensures the battery is charged and ready to go.

K2 Motorcars & CTEK Make Car Storage Luxurious
For car collectors, a place to store vehicles is a necessity, but K2 Motorcars also is making it a luxury. Because providing top-notch quality is fundamental, K2 Motorcars relies on CTEK battery chargers.

The Best Battery Chargers for RVs
Don’t let dead batteries stop you from your next great adventure. Gear up for your next camping trip with our best battery chargers for RVs! CT5 Ti...

Critical Vehicle Battery Care
Whilst COVID-19 has resulted in many vehicles being taken off the road, there is another side to this story – vehicles being used to transport su...

Looking After Your Car When Quarantined
How can you look after your car if you are quarantined for weeks or even months? In times like these when many of us are in quarantine and cities a...

Powersport Vehicle Performance Just Got Better
Staying charged is key to any powersport vehicle’s battery. Don’t risk your battery health or the performance of your powersport vehicle. Choose the CTEK CT5 POWERSPORT and be ready for action every time.

CTEK Introduces Charger Selection Tool
Finding the perfect CTEK battery charger is easier than ever with CTEK’s Charger Selection Tool. Using your vehicle’s make, model and year, the Charger Selection Tool can pinpoint the exact CTEK charger that will work best for your vehicle.

Five Signs of a Dead or Dying Battery
We've all been there: you go to leave the house or end your workday and your car won't start. Most drivers don't notice the warning signs until the...

12th Day of CTEK

12th Day of CTEK
It's always the most wonderful time of the year when you have a CTEK charger in your car! Our 12 Days of CTEK sweepstakes has been a festive time ...