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Ageing vehicles on the road

Ageing vehicles on the road
With a global shortage of new cars and the current worries over increased expenses, we see that car owners are hanging onto their cars for longer. This results in an ageing stock at the car dealerships and these cars need extra care to maintain the best battery health. This is also an issue for car storage facilities with a lot of older vehicles.

CTEK’s battery chargers maintain your sports car during the winter
The Car Doctor in The Saratogian answers all types of questions related to vehicles and motoring. One of the questions was regarding a discharged battery in a sports car, and the Car Doctor recommended a CTEK charger and maintainer. 

The dangers of jump starting

The dangers of jump starting
When you find yourself stranded with a dead battery, you might feel tempted to jump start your vehicle. You can either do it from another vehicle, using jump cables, or by using a battery booster pack.

CTEK CS FREE rates high with influencer Dons Life
Canadian YouTube channel Dons Life has an exciting focus on the automotive industry, where he tests and reviews numerous products, and he recently reviewed the CTEK CS FREE.

Take care of your battery this winter
Jennifer Bonner, lifestyle expert at Daytime, talks about the importance of car care during the winter season, and how freezing temperatures can have a huge effect on your battery. This makes your battery work even harder than it is used to and can result in trouble starting your car. She introduces the CTEK CS FREE as a solution during the winter months. 

CTEK’s advice for worry free motoring
CTEK, the leading global brand in vehicle charging solutions, has some great advice on how to keep your battery healthy, so that you can enjoy worry free motoring this winter.

CTEK will attend the 2022 Performance Racing Industry Show
CTEK announced recently that it will be present at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show for the first time. The show takes place between the 8th and 10th of December in Indianapolis, which often is described as the heart of racing. Make sure to visit CTEK in booth 4504 at the PRI Show.  

Award winning truck in partnership with CTEK
CTEK is delighted to announce that our good friend John Wargo of the Custom Shop, in Flanagan Illinois, was recently awarded Custom Truck Of The Year 2022 at C10 nationals, with a truck originally built for the 2021 SEMA Show. The Custom Shop uses CTEK products in the building of their trucks. 

CTEK named 2022 Global Media Award winner at the SEMA Show
CTEK is crowned winner at the 2022 Global Media Award at the SEMA Show. The winner is their cutting-edge product CS FREE, the multi-functional and portable 4-in-1 charger and maintainer. The SEMA Global Media Awards (GMA) Program acknowledges outstanding products in the area of specialty equipment and accessories, which would have a mass appeal to countries outside of the United States. The jury consists of prestigious international journalists from seven different countries.

CTEK unveils iconic Eleanor car at the SEMA Show
CTEK is an official authorized SEMA battery charger sponsor for the Show 2022. They unveiled a special guest in the SEMA garage, the famous Eleanor car from Gone in 60 seconds. The car is an iconic 1967 GT500 named Eleanor and is one of eleven cars made for the movie.

2022 SEMA Builder #3 John Wargo

We had a conversation with the CTEK builders that are going to attend the SEMA show, these are their thoughts and ideas about SEMA and CTEK. This is John Wargo.

2022 SEMA Builder #2 Brian Corsetti
We had a conversation with the CTEK builders that are going to attend the SEMA show, these are their thoughts and ideas about SEMA and CTEK. This is Brian Corsetti.