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K2 Motorcars & CTEK Understand Car Collectors

Car collectors and K2 Motorcars go hand-in-hand. Known as “Florida’s Premier Luxury Car Storage Facility” K2 Motorcars offers state-of-the-art car storage for collectors in the Sunshine State.

K2 Motorcars vehicles“Florida - and South Florida in particular - has always attracted an eclectic mix of people. Naturally, there’s a variety in terms of car collectors as well," said Will McGreevy, General Manager and one of the founding members of K2 Motorcars.

"There are the ones whose focus is on the latest and greatest hypercars, and those who prefer vintage models; and then you have the collectors who love  - and can afford - them all."

Cars and Florida a Natural Match

The Florida lifestyle welcomes car enthusiasts, he said. “There’s a more flamboyant attitude that’s accepted, or even expected in South Florida. Driving your Ferrari or Porsche is celebrated rather than being decried as ostentatious. The climate makes it easier to do that, too, of course.”

K2 Motorcars has a 30,000 square foot facility in Jupiter and is adding a 140,000 square foot site in West Palm Beach.

While car collecting is celebrated in Florida, McGreevy admits it’s not always smooth driving. “The roads aren’t as pleasing to drive as they are in other areas of the country, but the weather is better and you don’t have to deal with salt or other chemicals on the surface, so it balances out,” he explained.

National Car Collector Appreciation Day, celebrated annually in July, is a chance to showcase the hobby. 

“All of our clients are passionate about their collections in their own ways,” said McGreevy. “Some make purchases for sentimental value or because something about the car caught their eye for whatever reason. Others approach it as a business transaction - an ‘alternative asset’ might be the best way to put it. They’re still enthusiasts, no doubt, but everything in their collection has a price.”

He added, “No matter what kind of collector you are, you’re an enthusiast first. I’ve found that our clients appreciate one another’s collections, no matter their personal style.”

Clients at K2 Motorcars Rely on CTEK Chargers

CTEK Charger at K2 MotorcarsWhile car collectors rely on K2 Motorcars to store their vehicles in luxury, they still want to be able to drive them, said McGreevy.

“No one likes a collection they can’t enjoy from time to time,” he noted. “That’s why we provide our clients with a complementary CTEK battery charger for each of their vehicles. We want them to feel confident that they can show up with little notice and take one of their cars out for a drive.”

“My most common word of advice to our clients - and really all collectors - is to drive your cars. These are machines that deteriorate if they’re stored away indefinitely. At K2 Motorcars we prioritize the health of the vehicles under our care. It starts with battery health and extends to maintaining tire pressure, fluids, and beyond,” he explained, adding, “Still, driving is the best medicine for the car … and sometimes the owner, too.”

Even though he’s surrounded daily by exquisite vehicles, McGreevy admits there’s “nothing of interest” in his own personal garage at the moment. 

“I’ve owned everything from a Land Rover Defender 90 to an E90 M3 to a Ford Raptor in the past, though. It’s hard to narrow down a single ‘dream car,’ but if I had to choose I’d say Ferrari’s F50. I love the look - the car has great lines. The F1-inspired engineering is super cool, and I feel it’s a little under-appreciated, especially in comparison to the F40,” he said.

Great Cars Capture Moments in History and Pop Culture

Cars at K2 Motorcars in FloridaHowever,  when it comes to the cars at K2 Motorcars, McGreevy has “an unequivocal personal favorite.”

“It is a 1966 Ford GT40 - the one Dan Gurney drove to pole position at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. Nothing really compares to seeing that piece of history right in front of you every day,” said McGreevy.

“If you didn’t know the first thing about car collecting and you were to step through the doors at K2 Motorcars, you’d instantly recognize the level of care we dedicate to these vehicles,” he said.

“So many of these cars capture moments in history and pop culture as well. They’re truly works of art. The craftsmanship of the Enzo-era vintage Ferraris is different from Horacio Pagani’s Huarya Roadster, but no less impressive,” he said.

“Whether you’re a collector or not, everyone can recognize and appreciate greatness,” said McGreevy. 

For more information about K2 Motorcars, visit or call (561) 406-4000.