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Which Smart Chargers Should Be Used For Emergency Vehicles?
Essential Vehicles Need Smart Chargers With COVID cases increasing this November, and with the tumultuous nature of the times we live in, emergenc...

Critical Vehicle Battery Care
Whilst COVID-19 has resulted in many vehicles being taken off the road, there is another side to this story – vehicles being used to transport su...

Gift Guide 2019: Gifts for the Automotive Professional
Finding a gift for the automotive professional in your life can be a daunting task. If you don't know much about vehicles, you may have trouble kno...

How to Properly Store Your Vehicle's Battery
When using a CTEK Smart Charger for your stored battery or vehicle, you can relax knowing that the battery is being taken care of and it will be ready when you need it. Take care of your battery and it will take care of you!

Professional Grade Chargers
Every product offered by CTEK is designed and tested to provide the best results possible, helping you to keep your vehicles and equipment running optimally.

Posted on April 12, 2018, by Tamara Davis Introducing the MXS 25EC – a 12V, 25A Battery Charger, and Power Supply – meeting the demands of the mod...

We visited Jay Leno’s Garage to get his thoughts on our CTEK battery chargers that are used on his motorcycle and car collections. 

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