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Dead Car Battery? Don’t Get Stranded In The Cold
Being stranded in the cold with a dead battery is the last thing any driver wants, but dead batteries are a leading cause of breakdowns in winter m...

Jay Leno Relies on CTEK Chargers
Comedian and television host Jay Leno is passionate about motor vehicles, and automotive journalist Larry Chen learned Leno's garage is the Ultimate Hobby Shop. Leno relies on CTEK battery chargers for the nearly 300 vehicles in his collection.

Is Jay Leno Driving A Couch? CTEK & Edd China Make Vegas Entrance Unique
Seeing comedian and car enthusiast Jay Leno driving a sofa down the Las Vegas Strip is an unusual sight … even for Las Vegas. However, that’s exact...

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We visited Jay Leno’s Garage to get his thoughts on our CTEK battery chargers that are used on his motorcycle and car collections. 

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