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Jay Leno Relies on CTEK Chargers

CTEK Chargers hooked to vehicles in Jay Leno's garage photo by Larry Chen

Comedian and television host Jay Leno is passionate about motor vehicles. That’s evident by his extensive collection of cars and motorcycles, and Leno relies on CTEK battery chargers to ensure his vehicle batteries are always ready to go.

Spanning a city block in Burbank, California, Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage is a car lover’s dream shop as automotive writer Larry Chen discovered when he visited the shop several years ago with CTEK.

Chen’s article, The Ultimate Hobby Shop: Jay Leno’s Garage, appears on the automotive site

Blue and white car at Jay Leno's Garage attached to CTEK battery charger.

Leno has nearly 300 vehicles of all makes, models, and eras in his garage.

Chen said, “The difference between Jay’s garage and a car museum is that the cars and motorcycles here are kept in a way that they can be pulled out and driven on the street in a matter of minutes.”

To ensure that’s possible, Leno uses CTEK battery chargers throughout his garage. “I can’t recommend them highly enough,” said Leno in a CTEK video. “(CTEK chargers) really maintain the battery.

White car at Jay Leno's garage hooked to CTEK battery charger