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CTEK Accessories Make Car Battery Charging Easier
April is Car Care Month, and what better way to take care of your car than to ensure that its battery is in top form at all times?  CTEK offers an array of charging accessories that will not only help you take good care of your car but make your life easier as well.

Classic Car Collectors Rely On CTEK Battery Chargers
Classic car collectors rely on CTEK battery chargers to keep their vintage cars ready to drive. Car collecting is a big hobby. There are an estimated 5 million classic cars in the United States alone.

Is Jay Leno Driving A Couch? CTEK & Edd China Make Vegas Entrance Unique
Seeing comedian and car enthusiast Jay Leno driving a sofa down the Las Vegas Strip is an unusual sight … even for Las Vegas. However, that’s exact...

Aaron Hagar Trusts CTEK To Protect Treasured Motorcycle
For Aaron Hagar, of Rat Runners Garage, the family history of his 1975 Norton 850 Commando motorcycle makes it extra special, so he trusts its care...

7th Day of CTEK

7th Day of CTEK
On the seventh day of Christmas CTEK gave to me, a battery sense. BATTERY SENSE: MAKE YOUR BATTERIES TALK TO YOU In this day and age, we have pret...

Gift Guide 2019: Gifts for The Technology Lover
CTEK'S DYNAMIC DUO: Battery Sense and the CTEK MXS 5.0. If you have a technology lover in your life, especially if they are into cars, we have the perfect thing for you. Now, you could get one or both of these. This dynamic duo of a gift will have your loved one jumping with joy. 

CTEK Battery Sense Device Monitors Battery Condition
Recently, Rick's Free Auto Repair wrote up a piece about the CTEK Battery Sense Device. You can read the article here.

CTEK Battery Sense Helps Prevent Unplanned Breakdowns And Maximize Battery Life
Posted on April 12, 2018, by Tamara Davis Chicago, IL, — Battery Sense from CTEK, the Swedish maker of advanced battery chargers/maintainers, is a...

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