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Classic Car Collectors Rely On CTEK Battery Chargers

Classic car collectors rely on CTEK battery chargers to keep their vintage cars ready to drive.

Classic Car Red Ford MustangCar collecting is a big hobby. There are an estimated 5 million classic cars in the United States alone.

While the Classic Car Club of America defines a classic vehicle as a “fine” or “Distinctive” automobile built between 1915 and 1948, insurance companies tend to have a broader definition of what makes a classic car.

For insurance and registration, a “classic car” is anything at least 20 years old but not more than 40 years old. There are other classifications for vehicles considered “vintage” or “antiques.”  However, more often than not, the word “classic” is used to describe any older vehicle.

What the vehicles do have in common is the passion of their owners. Classic cars are seen as pieces of history and objets d’art. 

Whether you own one classic car or dozens, ensuring your car is ready to drive when you want to take it to a car show or festival - or just out for a drive - is important.

MXS 5.0 Charges & Maintains Classic Car Batteries

At CTEK, we’re a leading global brand in the care and maintenance of vehicle batteries. We offer high-quality, reliable chargers and accessories that are effective, easy to use, and, most importantly, safe for the user and the vehicle.

Our MXS 5.0 battery charger works with all types of lead-acid 12-volt batteries (WET, EFB, MF, CA/CA, AGM, and GEL). 

The MXS 5.0 offers features such as a special reconditioning function that restores stratified and deeply discharged batteries, unique maintenance charging, and the charging of demanding AGM batteries.

The charger is splash and dustproof, designed to protect vehicle electronics and non-sparking, reverse polarity protected, and short-circuit proof and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Battery Sense Puts Battery Knowledge In Your Pocket 

In order to always know the state of their vehicle batteries, car collectors rely on CTEK’s CTX Battery Sense. By connecting the Battery Sense to your battery, and then downloading our CTEK app, your batteries will start “talking” to you via your smartphone.

Battery Sense offers you battery knowledge directly in your pocket. You’ll be able to monitor your batteries’ charge level and health status. You don’t even have to start the engine!