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K2 Motorcars & CTEK Make Car Storage Luxurious

For car collectors, a place to store vehicles is a necessity, but K2 Motorcars also is making it a luxury.

“We want to create the ultimate car garage,” said Will McGreevy, General Manager and one of the founding members of K2 Motorcars.

Because providing top-notch quality is fundamental, K2 Motorcars relies on CTEK battery chargers.

CTEK chargers hooked to vehicles at K2 MotorcarsKnown as “Florida’s Premier Luxury Car Storage Facilities,” K2 Motorcars recently opened a 30,000 square foot facility in Jupiter with plans to next break ground for a 140,000 square foot site in West Palm Beach.“We didn’t even consider other brands, we wanted CTEK, because they’re the best product out there,” said McGreevy. “Not only do the chargers look high end, but they’re very easy to read. With CTEK, you immediately know the state of the battery.”

K2 Motorcars became a reality through a partnership between McGreevy and two others.

Originally from the East Coast, the founders considered building their car storage facility in Connecticut before ultimately heading south.

In Florida, Car Culture is Celebrated

“We knew what an unbelievable car culture there is in Florida and the Palm Beach area,” said McGreevy. “It’s a super unique, wealthy area, and, naturally, the people here are car collectors.

“In some places, it’s frowned on to drive the flashier cars, but not here. In this area, it’s celebrated. It’s easy to get out and drive on the weekend, and it’s the norm to see Ferraris and Bentleys,” he said.

While many car storage facilities are nothing more than “a box to put cars in” McGreevy knew K2 Motorcars had to be different.

K2 Solves Car Storage Problem

“Car storage is always an issue for car owners, but we also wanted to create a place where car enthusiasts could hang out with other like-minded individuals,” he explained.

The K2 Motorcars’ founders also wanted to ensure that the cars themselves were treated with care and precision.

“It’s a car concierge business,” said McGreevy.

“We are trying to solve the problem for people who don’t have the room to store their luxury car. Whether it’s a person who has a collection of cars and nowhere to put them, or one person who needs that extra garage spot. We are offering the solution for this need. We take the best care of our clients and their cars, making sure their car is all prepped and ready to go when the client comes to pick it up. All they have to do is jump in and start the engine. They don’t have to worry about the logistics,” he explained.

K2 Facilities are State-of-the-Art

The newly-opened Jupiter facility is fully climate controlled with hospital-grade dust collection system.Exterior of K2 Motorcars in Florida

“At K2 Motorcars, there’s no need to put a dust cover on your vehicles,” said McGreevy.

The site has state-of-the-art 24/7 security and surveillance.

Because they’re located in Florida where hurricanes are a reality, it was essential the facility be above sea level and without windows to meet insurance recommendations and requirements.

Complete in-house detailing services are available, and cars can be picked-up or delivered in person or by a flatbed truck.

And, every vehicle stored at K2 Motorcars is hooked up to a CTEK battery charger.

CTEK Ensures Batteries are Maintained Properly

CTEK charger charging vehicle at K2 Motorcars“With the CTEK chargers, we know the cars are having their batteries maintained properly,” said McGreevy. CTEK offers a safe charger to protect a vehicle’s sensitive and expensive electrical systems while maximizing battery performance.

The West Palm Beach location will expand upon the luxury and high-end service of the Jupiter facility.

The level of detail planned for West Palm Beach will be “second-to-none,” noted McGreevy. “When you pull up, you’ll feel like you’re driving up to a high-end hotel - a country club for cars.

“Nothing like this has been done before,” said McGreevy.

For more information, visit www.k2motorcars.com or call (561) 406-4000.