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Wargo's 1967 Nova Build Puts a 'Crazy' Twist on a Classic Car
Builder John Wargo, of The Custom Shop, likes “wild and outlandish stuff” and his 1967 Chevrolet Nova demonstrates that. “I want people to know I’m coming - that’s just my style,” he said. “I always try to come up with different and unique modifications that people haven’t seen before.” The paint scheme gives the car a wow factor. “I like to do a lot of dimensions, and there are hidden graphics within the graphics,” he said.

Arme & American Legends build 1969 Charger with a Modern Twist
The 1969 Dodge Charger build created by Tony Arme and American Legends is a car designed to be driven. “It’s a high-performance vehicle that drives like a newer car, but has the look and aesthetic of a ‘69 Charger,” said Arme. “It looks fairly stock, but it’s a high-end restoration with a lot of upgrades.”

Ludwin Converts 1936 Ford Sedan Into Overland 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle
Builder Jason Ludwin of Rodz By Ludwin was drawn to the Art Deco lines of his 1936 Ford Sedan. The classic sedan is being reimagined as an overland-style off-the-grid vehicle. “I’m taking a 1930s car and making it look like it’s supposed to be a 4-wheel drive vehicle,” said Ludwin. “It’s an older vehicle completely wrapped in new technology.”