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Battery Charging Next Level

Battery charging

Vehicle technology continues to progress placing more demand on batteries. Battery charging has become a crucial part of car maintenance. It is as important as checking tire pressures and oil levels.

There are many types of battery chargers currently available. Mainly smart chargers and trickle chargers. Smart chargers are a safer way to conserve a battery. They are also an efficient way to sustain the life of the battery.

Trickle type chargers step in when batteries reach top charge levels. Firstly, they send a charge for a specific amount of time. Secondly, they switch themselves off. This process repeats until removing from the battery. As a result, this battery charging method will likely overcharge the battery. In conclusion, the battery will dry out, start to gas and become unusable.

Smart battery chargers progress a fully charged battery to pulse maintenance mode. The chargers remain in constant communication with the battery reacting only when needed. CTEK battery chargers are smart battery chargers.

Pulse maintenance mode allows the battery to naturally self discharge. It fully charges up again when the battery drops to a low level. This avoids the risk of overcharging. Also, normal use of the battery expands the lifespan considerably.


CTEK Battery Charging Accessories

CTEK Accessories: Customize your battery charging to take it to the next level

CTEK chargers are used by many people around the world in a variety of different applications. Everyone uses their charger in a slightly different way depending on where they are and what vehicle they are charging. CTEK has a wide range of accessories for your convenience. Our goal is to provide you accessories for ease of charging in any situation. 

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Extension Cable
Connect Cig Plug
Mounting Bracket
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CTEK accessories use our unique ‘CONNECT’ system for easy, safe and secure connection to the charger. Take a look at our Top 5 selling accessories.