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CTEK Bringing World's 1st Drivable Sofa to SEMA

SEMA is known for its innovative automotive products, cutting-edge technology, and ... comfy furniture? CTEK is partnering with English mechanic, TV personality, inventor and motor specialist extraordinaire Edd China to bring his Casual Lofa, the world’s first street-legal motorized sofa, to the United States for the first time.

Reaching top speeds of 87 mph, the Casual Lofa set the Guinness World Record for “fastest furniture.” Videos of Edd China and the cruising couch zipping along the motorway have attracted viral attention worldwide. Now visitors to CTEK’s SEMA exhibit (Booth 24313) will be able to view the sofa in person.

Built more than 20 years ago using an A-series Mini engine, the Casual Lofa features leopard-print upholstery, a pizza pan steering wheel, chocolate bar gear shift, a Guinness can hand-operated brake, flower pot turn signal indicators and a speedometer disguised as a mantel clock. 

“It’s quite an awesome thing to drive,” said Edd China. “It still seems to cause a stir to this day, and it’s a great way to see the world.”

Under the cushions, the Casual Lofa is powered by a 1.3-liter BMC A-plus series engine, and Edd China relies on CTEK’s Battery Sense Technology to ensure the battery is in tip-top condition.

“Quite simply, CTEK makes the best range of intelligent battery chargers and accessories. Thanks to them, my vehicles turn over the first time, every time,” said Edd China.

“It’s exciting to have one of the fastest sofas on the planet en route to the CTEK SEMA booth,” said Bobbie DuMelle, Executive Vice President of CTEK North America.


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About Edd China

Edd China has appeared on Wheeler Dealers, Top Gear, Junkyard Wars, Fifth Gear and Auto Trader. He can now be seen on his own YouTube channel, Edd China’s Garage Revival. China holds the Guinness World  Record titles for the fastest shed, toilet, bed and milk cart, and the largest motorized shopping cart. For more information about Edd and his other inventions, check out his book, "Grease Junkie" available at Amazon or Audible


Bobbie DuMelle, Executive Vice President
CTEK North America
(312) 967-1430