Make Mom's Life Easier With a CTEK Charger –
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Make Mom's Life Easier With a CTEK Charger

This Mother’s Day, take worrying about her car battery off Mom’s plate. CTEK’s Time to Go battery charger ensures the battery is charged and ready to go.

Woman walking toward white car hooked to CTEK Time To Go chargerLong periods of inactivity can be tough on a car battery. Sulfation builds up, leading to dead batteries.

Quarantining at home can be a trying time for Mom. She balances work commitments, her children’s school responsibilities, and home life. The family vehicle, which is normally always on the go, is sitting idle.

Time To Go Tells You When Your Battery Will Be Charged

CTEK keeps car batteries charged, so when it’s Time To Go, Mom is ready. 

CTEK’s Time To Go charger not only charges the car battery, but also answers the question, “When will my battery be fully charged?”

That means Mom can plan her day because the Time To Go gives an accurate prediction of the remaining charging time in hours.

It also tells you when you can safely try to start your vehicle before the battery is fully charged.

Using a unique charge algorithm, all CTEK Smarter Battery Chargers go through 8 steps to constantly read and communicate with the vehicle battery. CTEK chargers charge only to the battery’s direct needs, avoiding the possibility of incorrectly charging the battery.


By ensuring the battery is conditioned as well as charged, Mom’s vehicle battery will last significantly longer.

Time To Go is Safe and Easy To Use

CTEK understands charging a battery can make a lot of people nervous. Are the cables wrong? Will there be sparks? CTEK makes safety a priority.

However, all CTEK chargers have a spark-free, short-circuit-proof design that incorporates a feature to prevent incorrectly connecting cables to the wrong battery terminals. 

The charger knows if you attach one end to the wrong battery post and will not operate if it is attached incorrectly, you don’t need any special knowledge to use them. 

CTEK’s Time to Go uses advanced technology to offer three charging and maintenance programs - Normal, AGM, and Recond. The charger is easy to use and fully automatic.

Our patented pulse maintenance technology also means that CTEK chargers can be connected to the battery for months at a time, so you can simply connect and forget.

CTEK’s chargers constantly communicate with the battery throughout the entire charging process in order to supply the correct charge, depending upon the battery’s exact needs. This prevents over- or undercharging, which can reduce a battery’s lifespan.

Each CTEK charger regulates the voltage to protect your vehicle’s sensitive electrical systems.

This Mother’s Day, give Mom the peace of mind that comes with knowing her car will start when she needs it to. CTEK’s Time To Go charger is the perfect gift.