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Looking After Your Car When Quarantined

How can you look after your car if you are quarantined for weeks or even months?

In times like these when many of us are in quarantine and cities are in lock-down, our vehicles are naturally not on top of our minds.

However, the battery still needs attention. No-one wants to end up with a dead battery. Hooking your vehicle up to a battery charger and maintainer is essential to ensure that your car starts when you return to it.


Help your customers protect against battery failure, a hassle we could all do without, so that when the quarantine is over, the battery is charged and ready to go - and you won't need to risk jump-starting the vehicle, something that can damage sensitive vehicle electronics.

Over the past few weeks, we've received lots of inquiries from people all over the world asking for advice on how to look after their battery when their vehicle is in storage, and which battery charger is right for them. Whilst our Customer Support team is responding to direct questions, we have also created a dedicated web-page featuring responses to the most frequently asked questions and a handy product selector too - click here to take a look. If you are looking for information on battery care for critical vehicles like emergency vehicles - click here.

If you would like to link to this page or would like support in creating marketing materials to provide your customers with help and support, please do not hesitate to contact your Sales Manager.

Together we can help our customers ensure their car is #readywhenyouare