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CTEK’s Role In The Fight Against COVID-19 Detailed In USA Today

CTEK Featured in Homeland Security Article

CTEK’s battery chargers help power frontline emergency vehicles & equipment

CHICAGO, Illinois, (Sept. 4, 2020) - CTEK knows transportation is at the frontline of the COVID-19 battle. This is why CTEK’s smart battery chargers are helping ensure batteries in essential and emergency vehicles are charged and ready to go.

CTEK’s commitment to helping power the fight against COVID-19 has been featured in USA Today’s recently published special edition Homeland Security.

Whether it’s an ambulance responding to an emergency, a truck conveying critical supplies, an essential worker commuting to work, or a parent taking their child to school, we depend on our vehicles now more than ever. That crucial reliance on vehicles during the COVID-19 pandemic is detailed in the USA Today feature.

For most, a flat vehicle battery is an inconvenience, but in the fight against COVID-19, it could mean life or death.

“We know frontline responders have enough on their minds already. They shouldn’t have to worry about a flat vehicle battery,” said Bobbie DuMelle, Executive Vice President for CTEK North America.

CTEK’s aim is to make battery charging as reliable, safe, and easy-to-use as possible. To combat COVID-19, CTEK provided emergency services globally with critical equipment. 

CTEK chargers are providing reliable power management for ambulances, rapid response vehicles, and health care supply equipment.

“In an emergency, time is crucial, and people expect us to arrive as quickly as possible. It’s important that our emergency and rapid response vehicles be able to start when we need them to. A flat battery at a critical time could be catastrophic,” said Matthew Carlson, deputy fire chief of the Colona Fire Department, in Illinois. “CTEK chargers help our batteries stay charged so we’re always ready to answer emergency calls.”

During this worldwide fight against COVID-19, CTEK chargers are powering sanitizing and disinfecting equipment. 

"Disinfecting misting machines are used at hospitals and schools across the nation to sanitize and kill viruses and bacteria. CTEK's MXS 5.0 12-volt battery charger is assembled in every Kärcher PS 4/7 Bp hospital-grade misting system to ensure the critical sanitizing machine can be reliably recharged and ready for use,” explained Jason Mitchell, president of R/A Hoerr Inc., the supplier for CTEK assemblies to disinfecting machine manufacturer Kärcher.

All across America, COVID-19 has changed driving habits, resulting in an increase in flat vehicle batteries. With work-from-home policies eliminating the daily commute, vehicles are only used for short distances - not giving the alternator enough time to charge the battery - or left parked for long periods of time, leading to sulfation, which can kill a battery.

At CTEK, “Maximizing Battery Performance” isn’t just a slogan, it’s at the heart of everything the company does.

“Relying on your battery is important, no matter if you’re an EMT responding to an emergency call, a parent going to the store to buy groceries, or a hospital custodian working to disinfect a patient’s room,” said DuMelle. 

CTEK chargers are safe and easy to use. Connect and Forget simplicity means a charger can remain connected to the battery and the float/pulse maintenance stage will provide optimal care during periods of inactivity without damaging the battery. 

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CTEK North America
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