Essential & Emergency Vehicle Charging –
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Essential & Emergency Vehicle Charging

Emergency Vehicles, Essential Vehicles battery charging

Essential and Emergency Vehicles can Rely on CTEK Battery Chargers

A dead battery in most situations is an inconvenience but in the fight against COVID-19, it could mean life or death.

CTEK is the world leader in vehicle battery management. Our company created the first battery charger more than 30 years ago in Sweden.

Today we offer numerous CTEK Chargers and a large number of accessories to help power the fight against COVID-19. CTEK Chargers can provide reliable power management for ambulances, rapid response vehicles, health care supply equipment, cleaning equipment, school vehicles, buses and more. 

Your Vehicle is Also Essential

Our chargers have provided at home charging support for years. Now more than ever having a working battery is extremely important. With vehicles sitting for long periods of time with no work commute and quarantine periods where we don't leave home, batteries are taking a beating. Short drives don’t give the alternator time to charge the vehicle’s battery. With periods of inactivity, sulfating can occur which can kill the battery.

From emergency vehicles to at home charging and during the times that are hardest on our vehicles, CTEK has you covered. From battery charging to reconditioning to power management we have the right tools for you. See the chargers below to learn more about some of our best chargers for these trying times.