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CS FREE Gives You Freedom From Outlets

The CS FREE gives adventurers and car fanatics a new freedom like they've never seen before. Whether your on a long drive or backpacking in the most remote areas, CTEK's newest and most revolutionary battery will give you peace of mind. With the CS FREE everyone is free from hunting for a power outlet. 

The CS FREE is a revolutionary, portable battery charger and maintainer, adaptive boosters, and hi-tech power bank.Whether on a boat, in the mountains, or in the desert this battery will work when you need it the most. The CS FREE is waterproof, weather-resistant, and durable. So you know it works hard to keep your important electronics charged even in the most rugged environments. 

Users of the CS FREE will no longer have to search for an outlet to charge the 4 in 1 battery. With the solar panel charge kit. You just have to plug the panel in and let the Sun do all the work. 

Not only is the CS FREE convenient, but it is also the safest and quickest way to charge electronics. Unlike using jumper cables, that shock your battery back to life, the CS FREE uses adaptive boost to safely charge the battery without damaging it. It only takes 15 minutes to fully charge any lithium or lead-acid battery. 

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If you are an adventurer looking for one less thing to worry about when going on your next trip, get yourself a CS FREE! If you have any questions or want to learn more contact us!