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Charging a mild hybrid

ctek pro25S

Mild hybrids are cars that combine an internal combustion engine (ICE) with a small electric generator/motor to improve their fuel efficiency. The hybrid system is powered by a 48-volt battery that's recharged using regenerative braking, which captures energy during coasting and braking. While the electrical system is recharged this way, the 12V battery that powers the car's accessories still needs to be charged separately. This battery runs almost all of the car's functions, such as air conditioning, lights, radio, and windows.

To charge the 12V battery, you typically need a battery charger that matches its capacity, which is usually the same as the engine's. However, some cars may require at least 20 amps to charge the battery, for which you can use a charger like the CTEK PRO25S. This charger is portable, flexible, and compatible with all types of 12V batteries, including lithium ones. It has a reconditioning mode that restores deeply discharged batteries and multiple safety features to protect both the battery and the car's electronics.

Mild hybrids run on a 48-volt electrical system that powers the starter motor/drive assist and other components that would otherwise be powered by the engine. This system provides gentle electrical assistance to the engine but not enough to run the car solely on electricity. The integrated starter generator (ISG) is an extra source of power for overtaking or accelerating and also works as a starter motor and a generator to charge the 48V battery.

While mild hybrids can be up to 15% more efficient than traditional ICE cars, most of their power still comes from fuel. Therefore, before charging your car's battery, it's best to check with your workshop or dealership to learn exactly what your vehicle needs and how you should charge it.