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Best Battery Chargers for Motorcycles

In most regions of the United States motorcycles are seasonal vehicles, with rides sometimes being few and far between. To help keep your motorcycle performing at its best, you'll want to invest in a quality battery charger for motorcycles. Below are some of CTEK's very best battery chargers for motorcycles.

Whether you've just purchased your first motorcycle, or been a dedicated rider for years, CTEK has you covered. With products ranging from beginner to professional-grade systems, you're sure to find a charging system that works for you and your vehicles.


In the words of Aaron Hagar“The CTEK CT5 TIME TO GO is my ‘go to.’ It’s the most versatile unit, and it’s completely self-sufficient. Plug in and go,” and we can't disagree.

The ease-of-use along with the ability to use with all types of lead-acid 12V batteries (WET,EFB,MF,CA/CA,AGM AND GEL) make this a versatile charger. The CTEK CT5 Time To Go is a top pick for battery chargers for motorcycles.

CTEK CT5 TIME TO GO Features: 

battery charger for motorcycle

  • For all types of lead-acid 12V batteries (WET,EFB,MF,CA/CA,AGM AND GEL)
  • Lets you know how long before the battery is charged and ready
  • Tells you when to try and start your vehicle after a dead battery
  • Fully automatic charging with max 4.3A
  • Tests and restores battery capacity
  • Non-sparking, reverse polarity protected

The CTEK MXS 5.0

The MXS 5.0 features improved capabilities for charging in all weather conditions, making it the perfect year-round charger for multiple vehicle types. The MXS 5.0 is splash and dust-proof, and is designed to protect vehicle electronics.

As with our other products, it is non-sparking, reverse polarity protected, and short-circuit proof. 

MXS 5.0
CTEK MXS 5.0 Features: 
  • Charges batteries up to 110AH. Maintains larger batteries up to 160AH.
  • Unique reconditioning mode
  • Built-in temperature sensing capabilities
  • AGM and new EFB (enhanced flooded battery) battery charging capability
  • 8 step charging program
  • Completely sealed unit
  • Spark proof and reverse-polarity protected
    clean voltage & current
  • Premium input and output cable with robust strain relief
    5-year warranty

The CTEK CT5 Powersport

The CT5 POWERSPORT is suitable for all motorcycles, ATVs, Jet Skis, and snowmobiles. This battery charger was specifically designed to charge and maintain powersport batteries.

Having three fully automatic charging programs: normal, recond, and lithium. It also has three maintenance programs: check, charge, and care.

CTEK CT5 Powersport Features:CT Powersport
  • Charges Lead-Acid and Lithium (12V LiFePO4) Batteries
  • Minimum battery voltage required: 2.0V LEAD-ACID / 5.0V LITHIUM
  • Tests and Restores Battery Capacity
  • Non-Sparking, Reverse Polarity Protected
  • Battery Capacity: 5-25ah
  • 5 Year Warranty

The CS FREE® is a revolutionary 4 in 1 charger that any car, motorcycle, or adventure fanatic can find a use for. This groundbreaking technology is a portable battery charger and maintainer, adaptive booster, and hi-tech power bank.

The CS FREE® will have your tech fully charged any ready to go wherever you are. Not only can it power your automobile's battery in as little as 15 minutes, it can also charge your phone or laptop. 

CS FREE® Features: 

  • Adaptive Booster: Adaptive BoostTM works out the safest way to power up your flat battery to get you going within 15 minutes.
  • Battery Charger: Use it as a portable charger to top up your battery, connect to a power outlet, or hook up to a solar panel kit or 12V battery for complete charging freedom anywhere you go. 
  • Smart Maintainer keeps your battery in peak condition at home or off-grid. 
  • Hi-tech Power Bank tops up your laptops, smartphones, tablets, and cameras whenever you need it.