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"CTEK battery chargers are the best chargers I have used. They are compact and attractive in design when compared to many other chargers in the marketplace. It is the only battery charger I use to charge my personal vehicles (71 Dodge Challenger and 2013 Victory Vegas 8-Ball Motorcycle) they also have the pigtails for easy connections. They are easy to use and give you a visual lighted display of where they are in the charging process. I have also used the Battery Sense device in my new 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 truck to keep an eye on the health of the battery while traveling or any time that I want or feel the need to check it.  I have also used them in my classroom with high school auto tech students to keep the shop vehicles fully charged. My students used the 7002 model and the 25000 model. They are so easy to use, that my students never had to worry about settings or hooking up the charger incorrectly. These are amazing chargers that work and give you visual indicators of what is going on. What more can you ask for out of a charger? Thank you CTEK for making a great product!"