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Pro Series coming soon to North America from CTEK

CTEK Pro Series Battery Chargers for Power Management

CTEK PRO25S for the workshop or showroom


The PRO25S is an innovative, versatile and highly efficient 25A battery charger and power supply, designed around the needs of the automotive professional. Combining power and advanced technology with safety, portability and flexibility to work with any 12V vehicle battery including Lithium-ion (LiFePO4). The PRO25S is the perfect solution to professional battery charging in the workshop or the showroom.

Every technician in your shop will benefit from a PRO25S with these benefits:

  • Charges and maintains batteries from 40Ah up to 500Ah (30-450Ah for Lithium).
  • Reconditioning program
  • Power supply for 12V equipment.
  • Automatic temperature compensation for high efficiency.
  • iP44 classified for outdoor use. 

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PRO25SE has a 19.7 ft cable for easy installation in work bays and on ramp-posts.


The PRO25SE is an innovative, versatile and highly efficient 25A battery charger and power supply. Supplied with 19.7 ft. charging cables, you can install the unit on ramp-posts or in work bays with ease. Combining power and advanced technology with safety and compatibility to work with any 12V vehicle battery, including Lithium-ion (LiFePO4). The PRO25SE is the perfect solution for battery charging in the professional workshop.

Having a PRO25SE in every bay has these advantages:

  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Tests and recondition deeply discharged batteries.
  • Battery support function.
  • 19.7 ft. cables, wall hanger and bracket for easy installation and on ramp-post option.

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    PRO120 is extreme power management for your workshop


    The PRO120 restores, charges and reconditions batteries using a patented multi-step charging process. It's compatible with all types of 12V battery, including normal wet/flooded, Ca/Ca and Lithium (LiFePO4), as well as AGM and EFB Stop/Start batteries. 

    The PRO120's Auto-Adaptive charging mode automatically detects the appropriate settings for the battery and applies the optimum settings for the fastest charge. It's designed to be user friendly with just four buttons and a clear, easy to read LCD display. The PRO120 is the perfect stable power supply, with 12.6-14.8V available in selectable 0.1V increments. This ensures that no damage can occur to sensitive vehicle electronics. It features:

    • Up to 120 AMPS of stable power with fully adjustable voltage settings. 
    • Compatible with all types of 12V batteries, including Lithium (LiFePO4).
    • Suitable for batteries from 10Ah-3600Ah (15Ah-1200Ah LiFePO4).
    • 16.4 ft. cables and heavy-duty clamps.
    • High-efficiency with fan-less cooling.
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