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Powering Your Motorcycle Adventures with CTEK

Charging a motorcycle battery is vital for hitting the road whenever you want


 Everything begins with the ignition

Now that spring has arrived, it's time to get your motorcycle back on the road and enjoy it. But your battery may need maintenance after being stored for months. Winter storage depletes batteries, making it impossible to start when you want to. To make sure your motorcycle battery will be ready when you need it, keep it charged!
Frequent charging extends the battery's lifespan by up to three times, maintains peak performance throughout the year, and reduces the odds of a flat battery.
Over time, motorcycle batteries lose charge, particularly when they are stored or infrequently used
When a battery loses significant charge, it's unable to start up the motorcycle, and its lifespan is shortened
Don't let your ride be ruined by a dead battery! Charging a motorcycle battery is key to ensuring your bike is ready to start anytime


For those who just want to ride
CTEK is the top choice for riders who put reliability first. Our award-winning chargers have a high reputation for their top-tier quality, superior reliability, and easy operation and are the first choice of motorcycle enthusiasts.
CTEK chargers are designed with users in mind. They are simple, feature intuitive operation, and include advanced built-in safety features. With CTEK, you can be confident that your motorcycle will always run reliably and smoothly, regardless of whether you are taking a long road trip or a brief riding adventure.


Award-Winning Technology
CTEK chargers feature cutting-edge technology to ensure top-tier quality and value for the user.
With the User in Mind
CTEK chargers are always crafted to be safe and easy to use.
27 Years of Excellence
You can rely upon our extensive experience in the industry to ensure your battery is always ready and healthy.




Stay Charged, Stay Ready

Confidently dive into your riding adventures with the CT5 POWERSPORT. This charger guarantees reliable start-ups for your bike and easily charges and maintains the most popular motorcycle battery types today: 12V lead-acid and lithium (LiFePO4). It is crafted for motorcycles and power sports vehicles, ensuring outstanding performance in all situations.

  • The Perfect Motorcycle Charger: Keep your ride’s battery charged and ready.
  • Compatible with all batteries: Charges and maintains all kinds of 12V lead-acid and lithium (LiFePO4) batteries.

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​​​Charging Simplified

Is your motorcycle's battery difficult to reach? Make your charging routine simpler with our CONNECT or INDICATOR EYELETS. These quick-connect accessories are designed to charge hard-to-reach batteries in the blink of an eye. Once installed, you just have to connect your CTEK charger to the eyelets without struggling. Our quick-connection solution saves time and unnecessary effort while ensuring a secure connection whenever you charge your motorcycle battery.

  • Simplify charging a motorcycle battery. 
  • Ensure a reliable connection while streamlining the charging process.

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