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CTEK CS FREE, Motorcycle

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Blazing new trails, riding the wind - CTEK CS FREE is your fun and safety companion designed for rocky roads

Just you, the bike, and the road can provide the ultimate sensation of freedom. As you relish the sensations of speed and intimacy with nature, there is an underlying sense of risk in the thrill. To feel at ease with your machine, you must have faith in its ability to transport you anywhere and return you safely. A feeling of safety is what makes every motorcycle trip so much more exciting, and a sense of security can be achieved by taking CS FREE with you on any bumpy roads. Think You Know CTEK CS Free? Think Again.

CS FREE, liberating you from riding worries

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Ponder just what it entails to have such a multi-functional portable charger at your disposal, and you'll realize a whole new possibility of travel modes. The CTEK CS FREE is the world's first completely backup battery charger and maintainer, thanks to Adaptive Boost technology. Without being attached to a power outlet, you may charge and maintain any 12V battery of your motorcycle. If your battery dies, CS FREE's unique Adaptive Boost will re-energize you in just 15 minutes.

It's ultimate freedom—with no worries about being trapped on the highway due to a dead battery. As a result, you may be able to bike further, go off-road, and so forth. You may grab your camera and snap the sunset, play music as you go down a country road, or pause to take in the landscape while checking your laptop or mobile phone-all while assured you can move on and continue traveling whenever you're ready.

Do you desire a portable charger that you can carry along with you? You don't have to be confined with CTEK CS Free. You may use solar energy to charge the internal battery by attaching a solar panel charging accessory. This smart device is part of the future generation of chargers. They are simple to use and have a variety of capabilities that you could previously only dream about. The charger is also waterproof and long-lasting.

Well, with CS FREE, you are technically investing in an Adaptive Booster to let you roll even with a dead battery, accompanied by a battery charger, an Intelligent Maintainer, and an on-the-go Power bank to recharge your cameras, smart phones, and other devices.

You just have to charge it, take it with you wherever you go, and use it whenever you need it!

Ensuring you’re always well covered

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Riders today are progressively utilizing a wide range of equipment. This makes it more important than ever to verify that the power supply is genuinely enough.

The CTEK CS FREE includes groundbreaking Adaptive Boost technology, which meticulously calculates the optimum method to securely provide the correct amount of power to any 12V lead acid or lithium battery, allowing you to charge your motorcycle rapidly. It starts your bike from a flat battery in 15 minutes, even without a power outlet, and simple LED indicators indicate when your battery does have enough energy to start your motorcycle.

The CS FREE contains an integrated battery that can be charged through fast USB-C input and can maintain its power for up to a year when completely charged, making it perfect for storing on your motorbike for when you need it. In addition, unlike traditional boosters or jump starts, Adaptive Boost technology provides absolute safety with no chance of harming your motorcycle or electronics.

The CS FREE is a wise long-term investment. Indeed, it is, since it is much more than a conventional utility battery charger. It comes with a slew of attachments that you can use to prepare for any situation, such as charging your battery with a solar cell while on a motorcycle expedition.

Unplugged on your terms

We rely on batteries more than ever before. Batteries can be found in a variety of applications, ranging from those that power our motorcycles to those that power our mobile devices. So, batteries should simply and unquestionably perform well so that we may remain connected while still having the freedom to live and enjoy life as we see it.

The CTEK CS FREE is a portable 12V power bank that can charge smartphones, tablet devices, laptops, and other digital equipment. So, even if you're not accessible, you're always in control.

Healthy batteries, happy moments

CS FREE Motorcycle

You wouldn't want to begin the riding season with a dead battery. CS FREE analyzes the status of your charge and reacts to the voltage level of the battery. It then calculates the healthiest and fastest approach to provide your battery with the power it requires to start your car in under 15 minutes. The CS FREE is also intended to function as an intelligent charger and maintainer, ensuring that your batteries are in top condition and performing at their best.

Take advantage of award-winning features

  • When completely charged, the internal battery may last up to a year.
  • Fully automated user - friendly interface with incredibly simple display.
  • USB-C and USB-A ports for powering mobile devices.
  • There are no modes to choose. Simply connect, and the CS FREE will take care of the rest. Get notified through LED when bike is ready to  start.
  • Countdown display monitors and estimates the time for battery charging.
  • Ergonomic design with a weather-resistant casing.