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CTEK Comfort Connect Cig-Plug

CTEK Comfort Connect Cig-Plug

Charge through the cigarette outlet

CTEK Cig-Plug (Part No. 56-263) enables charging the battery through the cigarette lighter or accessory outlet. The Cig-Plug eliminates any hassle associated with getting under the hood to charge the battery; simply charge from within the car. The Cig-Plug works perfectly with all CTEK battery chargers: UC 800, US 800, MULTI US 3300, MULTI US 7002, US 0.8, MXS 5.0, CT5, and MUS 4.3.

Note that the vehicle needs to have power to the cigarette outlet when not in use.

CTEK Cig-Plug fits both 12-millimeter and 21-millimeter outlets and has maze-like strain relief for the user’s safety.