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Car Battery Chargers

Find the right car battery charger for you.

A car battery charger should not just lie down and take up space in the garage or be used only when the car does not start. You should take care of the battery in exactly the same way as other parts of your car. And there, the right battery charger can be of help to you. All batteries need to be charged occasionally. CTEK's comprehensive range of chargers is suitable for conditioning, charging and also for maintenance of all types of lead-acid batteries.

A 12 V car battery charger probably meets your needs and there are several to choose from. A smart car battery charger not only charges your battery, but it also has other functions. For example, to recondition to extend the life of the battery and ensure that it is in the best possible condition.

A smart CTEK battery charger gives the battery new life. For example, if sulfur has been stored on the plates inside the battery. Even if it has been discharged as a result of being used too infrequently or for short trips


Different car battery chargers

  • Powersport - One of CTEK's entry-level models. It provides all-round charging through a seven-step charging cycle that includes a desulphation function and maintenance charging.
  • MXS 5.0 - A state-of-the-art eight-stage charger that has a special reconditioning function. It also has a battery diagnosis to let you know the charge status of the battery and whether the charge can be maintained properly. Like all CTEK chargers, the MXS 5.0 has an optimized charging mode. It is used on occasions when more power is needed in cold weather.
  • MXS 7002 - An excellent universal charger with a little more power. It has a battery capacity of 14-150 Ah, up to 225 Ah for maintenance. This is an eight-step charger. It has a power supply mode so that the battery can be disconnected without losing or damaging the vehicle's important electronic configurations.
  • CS FREE - CS FREE is the world's absolutely first fully portable battery charger with Adaptive Boost and maintenance charging. It quickly and safely ensures that your discharged battery starts up, without the need for a connection to the mains. In other words, it is a 12 V powerbank that fits your vehicle. Both with lithium and lead batteries (12 V LiFePO4). And in addition to your vehicle, it also keeps your portable technology devices fully charged, such as laptops, phones and cameras. Download your CS FREE, pack it with you and use it wherever you are!

These are just some of the smart battery chargers in CTEK's range.

Easy to use.

The chargers in our range do not require specialist knowledge. They can also be connected in a safe and secure way for a long time, even for several months. This is because while maintaining the battery, they maintain it.

The car battery chargers in our range are fully automatic, spark-proof and pole-turning safe. With that, in addition to a good charger, we can guarantee you total peace of mind. Regardless of which model of car battery charger from CTEK you choose.