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Be Ready. Be Charged. Be Winter Smart.

As winter sets in and temperatures drop, battery performance can reduce by as much as 50%. In colder weather you need much more power to get the vehicle started and an increase in short journeys puts the battery under a huge amount of strain. As a result, battery failure is the single biggest cause of breakdowns during the colder winter months. 

The alternator may only get the battery up to 60% of its capacity. To get the most out of your battery, so that it can keep all the vehicle’s electric systems working and always start when you need it to, charging the battery with a smart battery charger is essential – especially in winter. 

Take control of your vehicle battery and make sure you don’t get stranded out in the cold and dark with a flat battery this winter. Be charged and power through the cold! 

CTEK Winter Charging

Battery-related issues are the leading cause of breakdowns in cold weather. 

In cold weather, batteries work harder to start your vehicle and the alternator might only charge your battery to 60%

Don’t let freezing temperatures leave you stranded. Charging your battery is crucial for reliable starts in winter. 



Swedish Precision. Nordic Strength

When winter's icy embrace draws near, trust in a brand deeply rooted in Nordic resilience. From the frosty North, CTEK's award-winning technology reflects continuous innovation and unwavering excellence. Crafted in Sweden, our products thrive in the harshest Nordic winters, delivering performance when it matters most. 

With 26 years of battery charging experience, we've set industry standards and driven advancements that echo through the automotive world. This reputation as pioneers in battery charging has garnered trust from major automotive brands globally. When you choose CTEK, you're not just selecting a product – you're choosing a brand trusted by the very best in the industry.



Let go of your winter fears!

You never want to get stuck with a flat battery, but especially so when it’s cold and dark.
Designed as an Adaptive Booster, the CS FREE® is your lifeline in moments of battery trouble. Unparalleled in safety and ease of use, it replaces traditional jump cables or jump starters, ensuring a smooth, controlled boost for your battery. 







Explore without limits!

Embrace winter with maximum energy! Prepare to conquer snowy trails, master icy terrain, and create memories that will linger long after the season fades. Imagine embarking on your snowmobile adventure, secure in the knowledge that your battery is primed, ready to take on every twist and turn. With our chargers your snowmobile’s heart beats strong, ensuring a ride that’s as reliable as it is exhilarating.

Stay charged, stay confident!

CT5 POWERSPORT keeps your snowmobile’s lead-acid or lithium battery charged and ready for snowy adventures.