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Road to SEMA Influencer Introduction: Purist Group


The Purist Group is a little different from your average car club. This group of car lovers and self-described gear heads combine their passion for motor vehicles and charity work to help everyone in need of a helping hand. The group is made up of car collectors, journalists, drivers, tuners, and other people that love the car culture.

There are approximately 5300 members in the Purist USA/Canada group and 500 in Purist Asia. Their events have attracted over a thousand cars on display with 8000-10000 people visiting to see the cars and donate to charities. The Winter Drive event collected more than 20000 toys for underprivileged children. In addition to the toy drive, Purist Group also hosts a blanket drive for homeless people and a backpack program to help children with back-to-school supplies.

The Purist Group teams with government agencies and foundations including police departments, youth centers, school districts and more to not only gather the items, but to personally distribute the toys, backpacks, and clothing to the people that need them.

The biggest event that they do is Winter Drive, but they do events throughout the year.

CTEK Co-Pilot Sean Lee - The Purist Group Founder

Sean Lee, The Purist GroupSean was born overseas and lived with an abusive father until he was 14. He came to the United States, hoping for a new start with his mother. Unfortunately, where his father was physically violent, his mother was verbally abusive. He ran away from home at the age of 17 and worked many jobs to keep himself fed and sheltered. 

He started working in logistics and worked his way up the ranks at Air Tiger Express, eventually becoming a shareholder and vice president of the company.

His upbringing gave him a unique empathy for those that struggled in life, especially children. In 2012, he created The Purist Group, a closed group that can only be joined by invitation. According to Sean, the core value of Purist Group is to "be kind to each other and help shape the community around each individual".

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