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Road to SEMA Influencer Introduction: Autotopia & Shawn Davis


Autotopia is a 24-hour vehicle storage and concierge facility in Los Angeles. In addition to these services, they also are a big presence at car shows across the world and in films such as the Fast & Furious franchise. The Autotopia facility has also been used for production shoots by Top Gear and high fashion layouts.

The organization got its start just taking care of their own vehicles, but have now expanded to be the premier location to offer a membership-based opportunity for vehicle storage, concierge services, and private club access. The #1 goal of Autotopia is to provide its members with a facility that is safe, secure, and luxurious.


At the age of 45, Shawn had been a steadily working musician for most of his life. Unfortunately, although he had record and publishing deals, he didn't feel he was achieving what he dreamt of.

Looking for a change in his life, he began working with his brother, Eric, a car collector. He saw an opportunity to take better care of the vehicles and started working with service vendors and learning what was needed to bring the cars to their peak potential. The cars began appearing in movies and Shawn and Eric started seeing money being generated instead of just being spent.

After of few years of the garage being private, Shawn turned it into a members-only full-service vehicle storage and concierge facility. Using his knowledge of the automotive industry, Shawn was able to provide the services and amenities that car enthusiasts were looking for.

Autotopia has grown to be a successful storage and concierge facility, a winning racing brand, and it has also launched a YouTube channel focusing on stunning vehicles from around the world.

Road to SEMA gets to know Shawn Davis

As a co-pilot on the Road to SEMA, we wanted to get to know Shawn a bit better so we asked him the questions below to get to know what a road trip would be like with him: 

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Shawn Davis


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What was your favorite road trip and why?

[My] favorite road trip was driving with Express Rally a couple of years ago. Cool group of people, great cars and our drive went through SoCal canyons, through Death Valley and ended in Vegas. Awesome trip!

What are your top 3 songs you must have on your road trip playlist?

Record Year - Eric Church

On the Road Again - Willie Nelson

Slow Ride - Foghat (if I'm driving its never a slow ride)

Who would you choose as your road trip co-pilot, alive or dead, to join you on the ultimate road trip and why?

Carroll Shelby...he'd have amazing stories and give me some killer driving lessons.

What is your favorite vehicle/bike you have owned or built?

1970 Ford Mustang Fastback with 351 Cleveland

What is the one vehicle/bike you wish you owned? Or what was one you owned and foolishly sold it?

 Same as the above answer. I sure miss that '70 Fastback

What fueled your passion and got you into this industry?

My dad started it all for me with motorcycles and cars when I was a kid. It's been a passion ever since.

Do you have anything coming up between now & SEMA that you would like us to feature?

My YouTube channel. We do a new video every Tuesday and Friday. Plus I'll be part of the reveal of a 1965 Mustang built by Timeless Kustoms and owned by the owner of Vicious Mustang. This one will be a serious build too.

Tell us about your experience with CTEK product(s).

CTEK is simply the best in the business of chargers. I have a vehicle storage facility so chargers are an important part of my business. You guys are the best!


Thank you to Shawn Davis and his team at Autotopia.

Shawn Davis of Autotopia

Photo above courtesy of the Autotopia Facebook Page.