Custom Jeep wins CTEK Road to SEMA grand prize –
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Custom Jeep wins CTEK Road to SEMA grand prize

Bowman’s vehicle will be featured
in 2020 CTEK advertising campaign

There’s no mistaking Chad Bowman’s 2017 Jeep Sahara. His custom-built white-and-purple lifted Jeep turns heads.

“People either love it or hate it,” said Bowman. “If they’re Jeep people, they usually don’t like it because it’s so far out there, but I enjoy it and it’s my creation.”

Bowman was named the grand prize winner in CTEK’s 2019 Road to SEMA campaign. He was honored during CTEK’s VIP Party in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Nov. 5. 

In the months leading up to the 2019 SEMA Show, well-known auto and motorcycle enthusiasts served as CTEK “co-pilots” for the Road to SEMA. Individuals had the chance to submit photos of their rides via social media with that week’s co-pilot selecting a favorite. 

Weekly photo winners were entered into the grand prize contest, where Bowman’s Jeep was selected as the top entry overall.

“It’s always an honor to be recognized for something you’ve built,” said the Florida-based Bowman.

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As the grand prize winner, Bowman’s Jeep will be featured in a 2020 CTEK North American advertising campaign. He also will receive a CTEK prize package, and his winning photo will be autographed by Road to SEMA co-pilots and influencers.

Bowman had been building cars for two years before the first
Fast & the Furious movie debuted. When the automotive-based film hit screens, “everything blew up,” said Bowman. The film franchise sparked his passion for creating custom builds.

Showcasing his creations at SEMA has taken things to a new level. “I’ve been to SEMA the last four years,” he said. “It’s a great exhibition of companies and parts, and it’s always fun to do something a bit different.”

His first SEMA build was a Toyota Tundra, and, since then, his creations have become “bigger, crazier and more expensive,” said Bowman.

He built his Jeep Sahara for SEMA 2018 and then brought it back for the 2019 show. “Usually I start with a vision and then have a rendering done. From there, it takes me about a year (to complete the build),” explained Bowman. 

While the exterior of his Jeep build is impressive, Bowman said the interior is his personal favorite. “It’s absolutely one-of-a-kind. No one else has anything like it.”

“We are thrilled with the winning selection, and it’s ironic that Chad’s passion came from the Fast & the Furious film franchise because, this year, we had a car from Fast & Furious 6 in our SEMA booth,” said Bobbie DuMelle, Executive Vice President of CTEK North America.

“We’re looking forward to seeing Chad’s Jeep in a 2020 CTEK advertising campaign, and we appreciate all of the co-pilots who participated and all of the people who submitted photos of their own unique vehicles to our 2019 Road to SEMA contest,” added DuMelle.

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