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CTEK An Authorized SEMA Battery Charger Sponsor

The SEMA Show draws thousands of auto parts manufacturers and industry professionals to Las Vegas each year, and CTEK is proud to be an authorized SEMA battery charger sponsor for the 2021 show.


“Because SEMA is one of the leading automotive shows on the planet, it also means it’s the biggest market research opportunity we have,” said Bobbie DuMelle, Executive Vice President for CTEK North America. “Workshop owners, professionals, and builders are all there under one roof, and they’re all there because they enjoy cars.”

CTEK is a global leader in the care and maintenance of vehicle batteries, and the company is a long-time participant in the annual SEMA Show. DuMelle called SEMA “the perfect fit” for CTEK.

“We’re a solutions-based company,” she said, noting for those with a passion for cars nothing can tamper the thrill of a drive or the excitement of getting behind the wheel quite like a dead battery.

“Even though we’re a charger company, we spend a lot of the time at the show talking to people about batteries,” explained DuMelle. “We care about their cars as much as they do, and we want to ensure their batteries are charged and ready to go.”

CTEK Sponsoring 2021 SEMA Cruise

To help highlight the unique, custom, and state-of-the-art auto builds showcased at SEMA, CTEK also is a sponsor of the 2021 SEMA Cruise.

The cruise takes place on the last day of SEMA and is the official roll-out of vehicles from all over the Las Vegas Convention Center venue. 

“The cruise gives everyone the opportunity to see the cars in action, and that’s only possible if their vehicle batteries are working. Nobody wants to be left behind with a dead battery,” said DuMelle.

Excitement Building for 2021 SEMA Show

Because of the global pandemic, last year’s SEMA Show did not take place, and DuMelle said CTEK is excited to return to Las Vegas for the 2021 show.

“I think this year’s show will be bigger and better than ever before. People missed gathering last year, so everyone’s looking forward to reconnecting in person at 2021 show as a way to showcase and celebrate cars and everything SEMA has to offer,” said DuMelle. 

“There is tremendous interest and enthusiasm for the 2021 SEMA Show, with pent-up demand for reconnecting in-person high and the industry eager to see new products and innovation,” said Tom Gattuso, SEMA Vice President, Trade Shows & Events.

“More so than other years, the 2021 SEMA Show will be fundamental in helping industry professionals grow existing relationships, create new ones, and push their businesses forward. We anticipate this year’s SEMA Show will be the best in its 54-year history, and we’re excited to have CTEK as an authorized SEMA battery charger sponsor for the 2021 show," he added.