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2023 SEMA Builder Nr 2: Hillbank Motor Corporation

Hillbank Motors Shelby

The SEMA Show 2023 is just around the corner, and one exhibitor is set to turn heads with an array of iconic vintage sports cars. Hillbank Motor Corporation, proudly powered by CTEK, is on a mission to bring legendary vehicles to the forefront of automotive enthusiasts' minds, and their presence at SEMA is bound to be nothing short of spectacular.

Hillbank Motor Corporation is renowned for its exceptional lineup of vintage sports cars, including the iconic Shelby Cobra, the Daytona, the GT40, stunning Caterham classic cars, mighty Corvette Grand Sports, and more. Each of these vehicles carries the legacy of automotive history, meticulously crafted and fully licensed to offer peace of mind to the discerning collector or enthusiast.

At the SEMA Show 2023, Hillbank Motor Corporation is gearing up to showcase many of their coveted Cobras and Daytonas. Their booth, number 24877, promises to be a treasure trove for car enthusiasts seeking a piece of automotive history with modern engineering and performance.

What truly sets Hillbank apart is its commitment to making the dreams of sports car enthusiasts come true. The company provides a variety of ways for individuals to acquire these driving machines, offering flexible financing options, trade-ins, consignments, and more. Their dedication to customer satisfaction shines through in every aspect of their operations.

But Hillbank Motor Corporation's story goes beyond its remarkable lineup of vehicles and services. It's a tale of family, legacy, and a deep-rooted passion for the cars they bring to life. Stan Stander, the founder of Hillbank in South Africa back in 1977, initiated a journey that would span generations.

Stan's son, Lance Stander, carried the torch and expanded the family business to 13 branches before venturing to the United States. With a heartwarming tribute to his father, Lance brought the name with him and established Hillbank Motor Corporation on American soil. The name "Hillbank" not only represents the company's origins but also symbolizes the enduring legacy of family and passion.

For Hillbank, it's about more than just selling cars; it's about sharing a profound love for the Cobra, Daytona, GT40, and the rich American race history that these vehicles represent. It's the spine-tingling feeling when you turn the key and the big-block V8 roars to life. It's the freedom of the open road and the exhilaration that only vintage sports cars can deliver. Every day, Hillbank strives to bring that same sense of joy to others.

Don't miss out! Mark your calendars for October 31st to November 3rd, 2023, and head to the Las Vegas Convention Center to witness the magic of Hillbank Motor Corporation, powered by CTEK.