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Smart RVing Lists CTEK Among Best Deep Cycle Battery Chargers

Smart RVing named the CTEK Multi US 7002 as one of the best deep cycle battery chargers.

The RV experts at Smart RVing regularly review RV parts and accessories. When evaluating the Multi US 7002, they noted, “Not all the battery charges can conform to a wide-range of battery types and their needs. That’s why CTEK’s Multi US 7002 is for keeps. Its capabilities make a big difference compared to other chargers.”

Smart RVing said the versatile Multi US 7002 with its multiple mode type was a top-selling feature.

“You can own one battery charger with different switch modes depending on the battery needs. It can transform to a normal mode, weather mode, supply mode, and even record mode that suits according to the type of battery it is being paired with,” they wrote.

The reviewers were also impressed with CTEK’s emphasis on safety

The safety features of this device include being sparks-free and has protective instinct against reverse polarity, and short-circuit. For a plus factor, it is also waterproof and dust resistant so it is functional in various working conditions,” the review said.

When it comes to the best deep cycle battery chargers, Smart RVing said, “You may think (CTEK’s Multi US 7002) is too good to be true, but it simply is” noting the charger is “a practical investment because it’s like having one battery charger with multiple functions and it fits various cells.”