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RallyWays Likes CTEK's High-Quality MXS 5.0

For us car enthusiasts, cleaning and maintaining our beloved cars are a few things we love to do, but, of course, the ultimate goal of owning a car is driving it. Nothing can be more frustrating than wanting to go for a drive and then noticing that the battery is dead.

This sort of thing happens more often with hobby cars that aren’t driven on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. We will all experience this problem at a certain point in time… Unless… you are using a battery/trickle charger.

There is a wide variety of battery chargers on the market, some brands, and types better and more reliable than others. After doing some research, we found out that CTEK is a brand that you should consider going for when you’re looking for a high-quality battery charger. Given this research, I specifically chose the CTEK MX5 5.0 12V battery charger ...


Make sure your vehicle and your onboard equipment have full power, right when they need it. Worry about power less and adventuring more.