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Younger Generations Show Strong Interest in Classic Vehicles

Classic Red Ford Mustang

According to an article in The, both Millennials and the Gen Z demographics have a strong interest in driving collectible cars, or what some may refer to as classic vehicles. Why is this the case? Through surveying, specific studies have shown that these two demographics believe driving and freedom are synonymous. In other words, driving an automobile that they find physically and emotionally appealing enhances their own personal liberties. This is important to note, as these statistics are increasing as the years go by. 

Lets Explore Generations 

For instance, compared to previous generations like Gen Xers, Baby Boomers or the Silent generation, millennials and Gen Z populations have a much higher propensity to care about what they drive and how it drives. In short, it literally ‘drives’ them just like any other passion in life.


younger generation showing growing interest in classic cars

Typically speaking, Millennials were born in the 1980's-Mid 90's; whereas, the Gen Z's were born Mid-90's -2010's.  Although there are similarities between these two generations, clearly there are events, fads, and entertainment methods that influenced them quite differently. However, both of these demographics share a similar value in what they are driving nowadays.

Caring For Collectible Cars 

It is important to note that collectible cars and classic vehicles are typically a ‘toy’ car. In essence, the owner may not drive it as consistently as their other automobiles. This is not to say they are not utilized with care and caution. However, it is acceptable to assume that these ‘special interest’ cars are not driven all year long. Or better yet, they need to be taken care of with a slightly different mindset since these collectibles can often sit throughout a year in a garage of some sort. 

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To find more information on CTEK smart chargers and how they can keep your collectible or vintage car in good shape throughout the winter, Check Out Our NEWS ARTICLES and TESTIMONIALS PAGE.