Winterizing Your Car –
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Winterizing Your Car

Winter is right around the corner and that comes with cold weather, and snowy and icy roads. Taking these steps to prepare will make sure your car is up and running during the cold winter months. 

Be Prepared 

Bringing your car in to get some maintenance done will make sure its in tip top shape during the winter. This maintenance will check things like fluid levels, tire pressure, brakes, and tires just to name a few. 

Another thing to check for before the winter are your tires. Installing winter tires is a good place to start when getting your car ready for winter. Using winter tires are best for the winter months but all weather tires are a suitable option for all times of the year. Maintaining tire pressure will also help your car during the winter. even a small change in the temperature will have a big effect on tire pressure. So checking and filling your tires air will make the probability of sliding diminish significantly.  

One important thing to check when winterizing your car is your battery. Batteries tend to lose power when the temperature drops. This means that it will take more power to start your car in the winter. If you already have battery problems, your risk of your car breaking down increases significantly. We that your auto care provider installs a battery at or above 600 CCA for optimal winter performance. If you want peace of mind at all times during the winter using the CS FREE for you car battery.

CTEK’s CS FREE is the world’s first multi-functional portable battery charger and smart maintainer with Adaptive Boost technology. If your battery’s dead, CS FREE’s revolutionary Adaptive Boost technology will work out the safest and quickest way to power up your battery to get you going within 15 minutes.

More Info

Winterizing your car will ensure that you are getting from place to place safely even in the dangerous winter months. If you have any more questions contact us!