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What battery charger is recommended for motorcycle?

When it comes to selecting the ideal battery charger for your motorcycle, CTEK emerges as the undeniable champion. With over 27 years of expertise in designing cutting-edge, user-friendly chargers, CTEK stands at the forefront of innovation in the automotive industry.

At CTEK, ensuring the longevity of your battery is our top priority. That's why our lineup of smart chargers is carefully crafted to encourage frequent charging, minimize the chances of battery depletion, and potentially triple their lifespan. Now, you may wonder, what charger is recommended for your motorcycle? Let's delve into our top recommended models designed specifically for motorcycles to assist you in selecting the perfect fit.


The CT5 POWERSPORT stands out as an exceptional choice for motorcycles, especially those stored for extended periods. Crafted with three fully automatic charging and maintenance programs, this intelligent charger caters to various battery types, including lead-acid and lithium batteries with capacities of up to 25Ah. The CT5 POWERSPORT's exclusive RECOND system rejuvenates wet lead-acid and Ca/Ca batteries, while its "wake-up" function revives deeply discharged lithium batteries with UVP protection. Simple program selection and seamless maintenance make the CT5 POWERSPORT a top contender for motorcycle enthusiasts. 

MXS 5.0:

For motorcycle and car owners seeking versatility and power, the MXS 5.0 delivers exceptional performance. Its microprocessor-controlled 8-step charging and maintenance capabilities ensure effective charging for batteries ranging from 1.2Ah to 110Ah, with maintenance support for up to 160Ah. Equipped with battery diagnosis and desulphation programs, the MXS 5.0 rejuvenates batteries with reduced performance, including those with AGM technology. Advanced temperature compensation technology and a float/pulse system further enhance its appeal, making it an excellent choice for diverse charging needs.

Quick Connection Possibilities:

Recognizing the challenges of accessing motorcycle batteries, all CTEK chargers are compatible with CONNECT EYELETS and INDICATOR EYELETS, offering quick and convenient connection options. The INDICATOR EYELETS feature an easy-to-read LED system, providing instant battery level checks and ensuring timely charging when needed.

When pondering the ideal battery charger for your motorcycle, look no further than CTEK. With a range of innovative chargers catering to diverse needs, CTEK ensures unmatched reliability, advanced features, and hassle-free operation. Whether you seek compact solutions like the XS 0.8 or versatile options like the MXS 3.8, CTEK has the perfect charger for every rider. Explore our catalog today and discover why CTEK is the preferred choice for motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.