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Unique graduation gift to keep graduates safe

Looking for a special gift for your graduate this year? Consider giving them the gift of vehicle safety. CTEK suggests a unique present that provides added confidence, ensuring that your graduate's vehicle won't fail due to dead batteries. Whether they're high school graduates heading to college or college graduates entering the workforce, parents can find peace of mind knowing their graduate's vehicle will start reliably. CTEK recommends the CTEK CS FREE®, a portable unit that combines four cutting-edge products into one: Adaptive BoostTM safe start, battery charger, smart maintainer, and hi-tech power bank.

Bobbie DuMelle, President of CTEK North America said “Graduations hold great importance for parents as their children embark on a new chapter in their lives. The assurance that your graduate's car battery lifespan can be increased by up to three times offers parents a sense of relief, eliminating one worry as their young adults step into the world—a truly priceless advantage for any parent.”

With the CS FREE® Adaptive BoostTM function, the days of relying on a jump start for a dead battery in the middle of nowhere are long gone. This safe-start feature can get you back on the road from a dead battery in just 15 minutes. By gifting a CS FREE ® to your graduate, you provide them with a compact, multi-functional portable charger specifically designed to recharge and maintain batteries, maximizing their performance and lifespan. No more worrying about accidentally leaving the interior car light on or draining the battery by charging a cellphone. The CS FREE® can also be used as a power bank to charge phones, tablets, and laptops. It's compact and easy to store in a car, allowing your graduate to keep it in the trunk for emergencies. As parents, you can have peace of mind knowing they have a reliable power source at their disposal.