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Take care of your battery this winter


Jennifer Bonner, lifestyle expert at Daytime, talks about the importance of car care during the winter season, and how freezing temperatures can have a huge effect on your battery. This makes your battery work even harder than it is used to and can result in trouble starting your car. She introduces the CTEK CS FREE as a solution during the winter months. 

The CTEK CS FREE is the world’s first portable 4-in-1 unit with revolutionary adaptive boost technology. It is a portable charger, a smart maintainer, adaptive booster, and hi-tech power bank. According to Jennifer Bonner, it is the ultimate emergency charging kit. 

If you ever get stuck out in the cold with a dead battery and no power outlet in sight, the CTEK CS FREE can be of help. The adaptive boost will analyze the vehicle’s battery and work out the safest way to power it back up, within just fifteen minutes! Getting you back on the road safe and sound.  

As well as being a portable charger, you can also plug it into a power outlet. If you regularly charge your battery, you can extend the battery life up to three times! This will both save you money and contribute to greener motoring, as you reduce needless recycling.  

When used as a smart maintainer, your battery will remain in top condition in any situation, even when you are off grid. When used as a hi-tech power bank, you can make sure that your electronics never run out of power.  

The CTEK CS FREE is a safe and easy-to-use charger that will keep you moving, no matter where you are. Do not let the winter get you down, the CTEK CS FREE will help you in any situation you find yourself in.