The Best Powersport Vehicle Charger in Any Season: The CTEK POWERSPORT –
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The Best Powersport Vehicle Charger in Any Season: The CTEK POWERSPORT Kit

CT5 POWERSPORT Kit is great for storing batteries, maintaining batteries and charging batteries for all powersport vehicles

Winterize Your Snowmobile and Get Ready for Action for All Your Motorcycles, ATVs, and Jet-skis

The seasons are changing, and it is time to winterize your snowmobile and get ready for spring and summer powersports. You can be sure to be ready for action this year and have the confidence that your snowmobile stays in top condition with the CTEK POWERSPORT Kit. The CTEK POWERSPORT charger provides fully automatic charging for all your powersport vehicles. It is suitable for all motorcycles, ATVs, jet-skis, and snowmobiles.

Get the CTEK Powersport Kit to be 100% Ready for Action

The CTEK POWERSPORT Kit will set you up with everything you need to be 100% ready for action and at the same time, winterize your snowmobile. The kit includes:

(1) CTEK 40-399-CT5 POWERSPORT Battery Charger & Maintainer
(1) CTEK 56-304 - CTEK Comfort Connect Cable - 8.2 Feet
(1) CTEK Gaiter

The Features of the CTEK CT5 POWERSPORT 12V 2.3A Battery Charger & Maintainer:
  • Charges Lead-Acid and Lithium (12V LiFePO4) Batteries
  • Minimum battery voltage required: 2.0V LEAD-ACID / 5.0V LITHIUM
  • Tests and Restores Battery Capacity
  • Non-Sparking, Reverse Polarity Protected
  • Battery Capacity: 5-25ah
  • 5 Year Warranty

The CT5 POWERSPORT charger has three different charging modes. Normal, a charge program for medium-sized lead-acid batteries. Recond, a charge program for reconditioning of deeply discharged batteries. Lastly, Lithium, a charge program for lithium batteries (12V LiFePO4). In addition, as part of the kit, you will receive the CTEK 8.2 ft. Comfort Connect cable. This lengthy cable will extend the reach of your CTEK charger allowing for its use just about anywhere. 

Be Prepared For All Seasons With the CTEK POWERSPORT Kit

To give you the best performance possible, your powersport vehicle needs to be in top condition. Powersport vehicles are often stored for long periods of time. The CT5 POWERSPORT battery charger provides peace of mind that your battery is charged to capacity and ready to go when you are. Read more about the CTEK POWERSPORT kit in our brochure. As the seasons change rest assured you will be charged up and ready for action this year.