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Off Grid? No Problem with the Revolutionary CS FREE

Battery dead while off-grid? No worries when you have the CTEK CSFREE!

If an independent, off-grid lifestyle is how your prefer to live, or vacation, you understand that there is a need to keep things running, even without a power source around. This includes your vehicle, as well as other essential items such as your electronics: phone, computer, cameras, and more. However, when you are off-grid, you want ultimate freedom from power outlets, and you can get exactly that with the revolutionary CTEK CS FREE. The Adaptive Booster, battery charger, smart maintainer, and hi-tech power bank that truly is a first of its kind! 

Adaptive Boost for Safe Vehicle Charging

First let’s take a look at how the CS FREE will benefit your vehicle while you are off-grid. If you should find that your battery is dead, and you are far from the nearest power outlet, the CS FREE is all you need to safely charge your battery-using adaptive boost technology. Watch our video explaining adaptive boost, and read on for more information.


What makes adaptive boost preferred and different from a “jump”? Adaptive boost technology is designed with the safety of your vehicle’s battery and on-board electronics in mind. Unlike a jump charge, which can put your battery at risk with a large surge of electricity at one time, adaptive boost analyzes your battery, and as quickly as possible, gives your battery the exact charge it needs without causing any potential damage to your battery. AT CTEK, our goal is to charge your vehicle safely to keep you on the go while you are off-grid.

Keep Your Tech Charged with the Hi-Tech Power Bank

With your vehicle’s battery charged, you can now get where you want to go. Now, you want to ensure you can capture the best photos, and communicate with those important to you by keeping your tech running as well. This is no problem with the CS FREE! Charge your tech using the convenient USB A and USB C ports. 

Go Completely Off-Grid With the Available CTEK CS  FREE SOLAR PANEL CHARGE KIT


The CTEK CS FREE SOLAR PANEL CHARGE KIT lets you recharge your CS FREE’s internal battery using just solar power. You can also use it to power the CS FREE without connecting to a power outlet, so you can charge and maintain your vehicle battery wherever you are. This solar charge kit is waterproof, weather-resistant, and durable, so you have peace of mind that no matter where you choose to go, you have the means to charge up your CS FREE, and keep your vehicle and tech up and running. Once you charge your CS FREE either with the solar panel or by any other means it will hold its internal charge for up to a year!

Get Out There and Do What You Want to Do

Now, with the CS FREE, you truly can get out there and do what you want to do, off-grid, with no worries. Pair your CS FREE with the CTEK CS  FREE SOLAR PANEL CHARGE KIT and other available accessories, and gain access to a truly wide open world for you to explore.