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No Outlet, No Problem With the CS FREE

Does this scenario ring true for you? You live in an apartment or house that has no access to an outlet for a battery charger. You step outside in the morning to leave for work and a dreaded thing occurs: You have a dead battery. Get to work (or play!) on time with the CS FREE, the 100% portable battery charger and high-tech power bank from CTEK. With this state of the art technology, you do not need a garage to ensure your battery is fully charged and ready to go. 

If you live in an apartment, you can charge your vehicle battery with the portable CS FREE.

No Garage? Park on the Street? You Need the CS FREE

So many people do not have immediate access to a power outlet that enables the use of a plug in battery charger. Now, you do not have to worry about your battery with the CSFREE. Whether you find yourself with a flat battery, or would like to top of the charge on your battery, the portability of the CS FREE means that everyone can enjoy peace of mind. The CS FREE features: 

  • Adaptive Booster: Adaptive Boost works out the safest way to power up your flat battery to get you going within 15 minutes.
  • Battery Charger: Use it as a portable charger to top up your battery, connect to a power outlet, or hook up to a solar panel kit or 12V battery for complete charging freedom anywhere you go. 
  • Smart Maintainer keeps your battery in peak condition at home or off-grid. 
  • Hi-tech Power Bank tops up your laptops, smartphones, tablets, and cameras whenever you need it. 
  • Smart and simple – no buttons or modes, just clear, easy-to-read displays.
  • Countdown LEDs show the time left before the battery is fully charged.
  • Charges and maintains all types of 12V lead-acid and lithium (LiFePO4) batteries.
  • Complete range of accessories available for handy storage and to give you complete freedom from a power outlet.

In addition to the benefit of having a portable battery charger to keep your vehicle charged, you also enjoy the added advantage of the ability to charge your laptops, smartphone, and other portable devices as well. Perfect for anyone that is on the go all the time. 

No Need For Worry, CS FREE Has You Covered

There is enough stress in everyday life. You do not need the added stress of worrying about your vehicle battery. Take a dead battery off your list of worries no matter where you live. Go portable with the CS FREE. For questions about how Adaptive Boost works, view the video below to answer all your questions! To order your CS FREE today, click here.