MXS 5.0 Temperature Compensation –
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MXS 5.0 Temperature Compensation

CTEK's MXS 5.0 smart charger is a great option for this winter's sub-zero temperatures. This smart charger is ideal for users with high demands because of its built-in temperature compensation. Along with MXS 5.0's ability to "connect and forget," its flexible standards with both smaller and normal sized batteries, and its splash proof and dust proof durability, this device includes versatile temperature controls. This alone makes it a 'smart' choice for winter time challenges. 


MXS 5.0's advanced charging with built in temperature compensation ensures ideal charging performance in extreme weather conditions - including sub-zero temperatures. With its advanced charge volt technology, this particular charger can adapt to a variety of extreme weather patterns. Including the five year warranty guarantee and the versatility of this smart device, we believe this is an excellent option for winter related maintenance.

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