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Love Your Car Battery This Charge Your Car Day

It’s a day to celebrate the car battery and remind people about the importance of battery charging.

Man charging a car battery

Charge Your Car Day was launched to help educate motorists on the important role the car battery plays and simple steps for ensuring it won’t let you down. And we are really excited to be part of it! It’s is a global celebration every October 5th of the humble-but-hardworking car battery.

Our car battery is an overlooked, under-appreciated part of our car. Hidden away, under the hood, it’s easy to forget that it  has been working hard for us for the past 100 years. Back in the ‘good old days’, all a car battery had to do was start the car.

Today's car batteries power everything from keyless entry to air conditioning

Today, the battery not only gets a car moving, but also powers all of the technology within your vehicle – from keyless entry, alarms and immobilizers, onboard computers and the air conditioning. And that’s just fuel-powered vehicles! When it comes to electric vehicles, the car battery is critical for every facet of the vehicle functioning.

It is the beating heart of your car. And just like us, if you don’t look after it there’ll be nothing but trouble ahead. So this year’s Charge Your Car Day theme is LOVE YOUR BATTERY.

Your battery has a lot of hard work to do these days, and so whether you have an electric, hybrid or fuel-powered vehicle, it could go dead very quickly. So, on Charge Your Car Day, give your car battery a bit of love and show it you care. Because if you look after your battery, it’ll look after you!

We have created a dedicated web-page with lots of information about why it’s important to charge your car battery so why not take a look by visiting